Fitness Center, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness serving Fridley, Coon Rapids and Blaine.

Personal Training

Our science based and results proven programs are designed to fit each individual specific needs.

Our 1on1 sessions are 30 minute time slots to give you a more hands on approach.

1 on 1 sessions are for all levels of clients and needs that gives you that relationship and personalized touch to each session and are in 30 minute time slots.

We use 1on1 sessions with clients for a wide range from beginner to the elite, with most of our clients starting this way and continuing with them in some degree.

1on1 on sessions are used for many reasons

• Specific Education
• Perfect body mechanics
• Rehab / Injury
• Like the individual relationship
• Personalized goals
• Learning a new skill set
• Breaking plateaus
And more!