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a person who is guided and supported by a more experienced or influential person.

synonyms: student, pupil, trainee, apprentice;

Protégé Fitness Studios was born over 30+ years of working in the fitness industry and working with 1000s of clients. We have watched trends, fads, quick fixes and diets come and go. Protégé was born through the years being in the fitness industry as trainers, coaches, teachers, instructors, students, interns and being protégés ourselves and we saw that the community needed a fitness studio like no other. The majority of our clients have found us because they are tired and frustrated with all the ups and downs, lack of help, lack of support, lack of education that truly makes fitness a life changing event. That is why we started Protégé Fitness Studios in May 2016.

We are your VIP training experience in a social atmosphere that is fun like happy hour, supportive like your best friends and a place that brings the highest level of health education. When you walk into Protégé you will feel the no judgment, only encouragement and high energy, fun atmosphere. Many of our clients have been referred to us by their friends and family and want them to experience our community, support and guidance.  We bring another level to the fitness industry and searched out by people looking to take their health and fitness to their next chapter. Our clients are first timers- long time fitness enthusiast, beginners-high level athletes, pre-post surgery, rehab and retired. If you are looking for real results you have come to the right place!

Our goal is to not just offer you fitness classes and 1on1 sessions but the education that allows you take your health into your hands. We teach you how to workout on your own. We give you the education on how to feed your body for health, healing and fuel. Once you learn these things the goals start to happen and happen fast! The best thing is they become permanent!!

Our system not only gives you the best science backed classes and 1on1 sessions you can find in the area but also the leadership, education and mentorship to really learn how to take control of your health and fitness for the rest of your life.

Some of our clients and students have gone on to becoming very successful people in the fitness industry as trainers or business owners through the education and mentorship we provide. But all of our clients learn to take their health and fitness into their own hands.

You are our clients, our students, our family, our Pro’s!