Fitness Center, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness serving Fridley, Coon Rapids and Blaine.

Why choose us?

Our programs are science based, case study tested, client approved! Our mission with all of clients and programs is to teach you how to be healthy and fit for all life circumstances, longevity and vitality. Our system is based on teaching our clients on how to take their health, fitness and goals into their own hands. Our goal for all clients is for them to become our Protégé, to pass on our many years of knowledge and our expertise so they truly know how to reach any goal that they might set for themselves today, next year or 20 years from now. We want all of our clients to be the strongest they can be, the healthiest they can be, the most mobile they can be so when you reach the ages of 70,80,90 that you are still able to walk a mountain if you so choose. Fitness is a life long journey and not just a 6 week destination. WE are here to give you all the tools and knowledge you need to learn and grow for life long health and success.