2 Easy things for faster fat loss

The one-two punch for fast fat loss

How many times have you looked in the mirror and wished that you could make your belly fat vanish before your eyes? Unsightly fat around the stomach is one of the most common body frustrations that I come across with my clientele.

No one wants a chubby stomach! Unfortunately for most, losing body fat is a slow and steady process, rather than an instantaneous fix.

However…I do have an extremely effective method for losing belly fat faster than ever, and I’d like to share it with you today…

The One-Two Punch For Fast Fat Loss. This deadly, fat-incinerating method fights fat simultaneously on two separate fronts for maximum effectiveness: your sugar intake and your high intensity workouts.

First Punch: This is the punch that requires zero extra effort on your part! In fact all you have to do is NOT do something that you’re currently doing! You stop consuming refined sugar, in all its forms. This means no sodas, no desserts, no packaged snacks, no candy, no mocha lattes, NO SUGAR AT ALL!

When you stop to evaluate your diet, it may be shocking to find out how much refined sugar has crept in. Nothing will contribute to fat gains as swiftly as consuming sugar, so it makes sense that cutting sugar out is the top must-do for shedding those unwanted pounds.

It’s not necessary, or beneficial, to starve yourself during this time of rapid fat loss – you should fill in your diet with lean meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds as you cut out the refined sugar. Keep your metabolism high by fueling up on high protein, high fiber, low carb, and zero sugar foods whenever hunger strikes.

Second Punch: Here’s the punch that requires some effort, but trust me when I say it’s worth it. You crank up the intensity of your workouts to a whole new level.

Most people take exercise on with the slow and steady mentality – moving, pushing and pulling as little as possible while still “getting the job done”. I’ve got some news for you…if you still have belly fat to lose then the job wasn’t getting done.

If you can comfortably hold a conversation, hardly break a sweat or feel the same when it’s over as you did when it began, then you’re simply not pushing yourself hard enough while you exercise.

Increasing the intensity of your workouts requires focused intent. You must go into the session with the goal of pushing your body to the limit. Remember, it’s a contained timeframe that will be over shortly, so bear down and deal with the discomfort. With practice you will learn to embrace the burn.

The safest and most effective way to crank up the intensity and effectiveness of your exercise time is to work with a qualified fitness professional, such as myself. I would love to hear from you! Call or email me today and together we will get you started on your fastest fat loss ever!

Motivation: Houston We Have a Problem


Motivation Problem?

:Scott Kratochvil

We have a lot of clients that struggle from time to time with their goals. SHOCKER ALERT: We all do!!

One thing I always hear them talk about is “motivation” or lack of, is a better way of putting it. Every client that walks through our doors the first time and every time after that has motivation. They are motivated to fitness, to health, to getting better, to getting stronger and most importantly to themselves.

If you have a goal you want to achieve, you need more than motivation. Now this part can sting a little bit for some to hear and before you stop reading really think about what I am about to say.

You aren’t lacking motivation you are lacking dedication.

A famous quote says it best “A goal is a dream without a plan.”

Motivation is the dream. Dedication is making a plan and following it through.

If your goal is to lose 10lbs, run a 5k, squat 400lbs, do a pull up, be able to sit on the floor and stand back up without help or change your health you are motivated to achieve that goal. To accomplish that goal you need to be dedicated to that goal. You need a plan of action to follow so you can achieve that. If you want to run a 5k and haven’t ran farther than a mile since high school, how are you going to be able to do one? You need to plan how to increase your endurance, stamina and distance to accomplish that. You don’t just sit on the couch and look outside and then all of sudden have the ability to run a 5k. If you want to lose 10 lbs you don’t keep going about your normal eating habits and exercise routine. You put together a plan of action that involves eating what your body needs in the right portions and exercise to accomplish that goal.

So for many it is not the lack of motivation. It is the lack of planning. It is the lack of execution on the plan that will get you the result and goal you want.

Now not everyone has a major goal and we have a lot of clients that just want to get a great workout, learn more skills and become all around healthier. And that is just awesome!!! But if you have a goal you need to plan for that goal and follow through with the plan to get the results you are looking for.

The other part to this equation is education. Most clients come to us because they have a goal in mind and have tried on their own to achieve that goal with no avail. That is what we are here for!! If you are struggling with a goal as big as a mountain or as small as a pebble but need help, contact us and we can help get your plan of action in place and crush Your Goal!



Pitfall: Win the game!



Pitfall the video game

:Scott Kratochvil


Who has played the game Pitfall? Super Mario Brothers? QBert? Pac-Man? I’m guessing most of you have. If not youtube them and get some awesome high quality 8-bit greatness!!

Why am I writing about these video games?

Fitness is like these games lots of times. Huh?

When we are working with clients we set goals. (Yeah so! Everyone sets goals!) After we set goals we set a plan of attack. If you set a goal without a plan it is just a dream. Imagine that it’s December and you live in Minnesota. (Sorry for the nightmare for some of you) You and several friend decide to do a road trip to Key West and you have to pick up 1 friend in Chicago and 1 in New York City and then head to Key West and you have never been to any of the places. Would you do this trip without a map? Without directions? Without GPS? Without a cell phone?

HECK NO!! You would never reach your destination. You would never reach your goal.

That is why when we set goals with clients we set our plans as well.

One of the first things we talk about is Pitfall. Why you ask! Good questions because life is just like the game. There are water hazards, scorpions, alligators, fires everywhere but if you see them coming and know how to avoid them you can survive. “Pitfalls” are the single most reason people don’t accomplish their goal. The pitfall isn’t the reason though, the not planning for the pitfall or being prepared for the pitfall is. If every Friday at work the office has all you can eat doughnuts, you know this is coming. If you have a family gathering, you know this is coming. If you have a social event, you know this is coming. You plan your fitness and diet and around these pitfalls so you don’t fall into them. You plan on them and learn how to avoid these situations throwing off your goal.  Yes there are times that you still won’t make it perfectly through every time but the goal is to get better and better at avoiding the mistakes.

Just like these video games they have a pattern and you can learn to avoid the mistakes. You can learn when to jump, when to duck, when to swing or when to wait. There are youtube videos of people completing the whole game in minutes. They can do this because they have learned the patterns of the game. In doing this they reach the end goal in minutes rather than hours. We can teach you to learn these patterns and help reach your goal in months rather than years.


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7 Things Successful People Do

habits of successful people

Here are seven mistakes successful people have experienced, learned from and won’t repeat.

1. Successful people don’t allow toxic relationships into their life.

The relationships in your life are an indicator of your success. As Jim Rohn said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”1 The negative relationships will drag you down to their level. The positive ones will push you further than you felt like you could go. If you want to make this one of the most successful phases in your life, evaluate the relationships that are in your life. Get honest about who needs to go. Don’t make the mistake of allowing toxic relationships to stunt any progress toward your success goals.

2. Successful people don’t spend years doing work that doesn’t fulfill them.

Most of us will spend at least 40 hours per week in some form of work. It can be a traditional job or a business, but if what you’re doing during those 40 hours doesn’t fulfill you, it will affect every other area of your life. Before you know it, you’ve given years of your life to something that is slowly eating away at your resolve and determination to live a better life. It’s not easy—especially in our current economy—to find work that fulfills you and pays well, but nothing that’s worth it comes easy. Spend time finding or creating work that supports the kind of life you want to live and one that gives you freedom1.

3. Successful people don’t let doubt and fear dictate their choices.

Doubt and fear are a normal part of anyone’s life. But your reactions to these emotions will affect your success journey. Successful people make decisions from a place of value and strength. They know what values are most important to them and make decisions that align with those values. Doubt and fear are not a factor when they are making decisions.

4. Successful people don’t chase other people’s dreams.

It’s natural to want what seems and feels like success. You see someone else do something and you want that for your life. But dreams, goals and freedom have to be personal. You have to figure out what your dreams are and why they are important to you. Successfull people don’t waste time or energy on shiny objects Don’t let the allure of someone else’s dream derail you from discovering yours.

5. Successful people don’t underestimate the power of physical fitness.

What you eat and how active you are has an effect on the energy you have and that will affect how to tackle your goals. Your physical fitness is closely tied to your success journey. Successful people make their fitness and health a priority because they realize it’s one of the keys to living a long and happy life. It goes beyond just maintaining your fitness; harness the power that comes when you are in tune with your body.

6. Successful people don’t do things they know they don’t want to do.

There are a lot of things you could be doing, and even things that seem important but aren’t if you were honest with yourself. Successful people cut those things out of their life and make it a point to create a life of freedom.They spend each moment on the things that lead to and support the kind of life they want to live. Time is precious and life is short. Don’t waste either on the things you don’t want or need to do.

7. Successful people don’t copy someone else who is successful.

It’s natural to want to mimic or even copy success. Those who are successful see the value in modeling success, but they understand copying won’t produce the same results. Just because something worked for someone else doesn’t mean it will work the same way for you. Your goals, dreams and aspirations have to be personal.

Learn from your mistakes. We all make them and will continue making them for the rest of our lives—so view them as life lessons. The key is to not repeat where you stumbled before. Fall and get back up determined to work on your goals harder and smarter.

13 Reasons to Exercise

Let’s face it, some days you just don’t feel like exercising.

You get too busy, too stressed and quite simply too tired.

But this shouldn’t stop you from lacing up your shoes and heading out for a workout!

Here’s a list of 13 of the top reasons to exercise. Pull out this list and read it when you need a reminder of why exactly exercise is worth your time…

  1. To Prevent Disease

Exercise has been proven to reduce the risk of just about every single health problem known to man, from stroke to heart disease to cancer and osteoporosis. Exercise is also a great defense against type 2 diabetes, which is one of the most widely growing diseases of our time.


  1. To Look Great

Exercise firms your body, improves posture and even makes your skin glow. Looking your best is a wonderful result of regular exercise.


  1. To Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Exercise burns fat and prevents future fat storage. If you want to have a thinner, healthier body, exercise is the answer.


  1. To Have More Energy

Anyone who exercises regularly will tell you that they are more energetic, less easily irritated and are more peaceful.


  1. To Sleep Better

Exercise boosts energy levels, but also wears you out. It makes you feel more vibrant during the day and sleep better at night.


  1. To Age Slower

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to fight aging. When you age your body loses muscle and bone, while the loss of both are drastically reduced with regular exercise. Exercise also helps reduce inflammation.


  1. To Relieve Back Pain

In most cases, the best thing that you can do for back pain is to move and strengthen those muscles. Consult your physician or physical therapist for guidance.


  1. To Ease Depression

Exercise has been proven to reduce depression – sometimes even as effectively as medication. Just chalk this up as yet another amazing benefit to exercise.


  1. To Reduce Aches and Pains By strengthening muscles around your damaged joints you’re able to use exercise to reduce joint pain and overall aches. Always consult your physician before starting an exercise program, especially if you have chronic joint pain.


  1. To Stay Mentally Sharp Exercise has been shown to improve memory and other cognitive functions, and seems to have a protective effect against dementia. A Harvard University researcher called exercise “Miracle-Gro for the brain.”


  1. To Enjoy Your Lifestyle

Whatever it is that you love in life – your kids, travel, sports, fashion—it is all more enjoyable when experienced in a fit and healthy body. Exercise so that you are able to enjoy all the great things in life.


  1. To Reduce Sick Days

People who exercise regularly are 50% less likely to call in sick to work. A regular exercise program reduces colds and upper respiratory infections.


  1. To Boost Confidence

Being fit, feeling healthy and having energy are all building blocks to having great confidence. There is no better confidence booster than sticking with a regular exercise program.


Regular exercise gives you so many amazing benefits, as you’ve seen from the above list. Call or email me today to get started on the exercise program that will change your life forever.

Fitness Success: The Mentor and the Protege

Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out.  
Jim Rohn built his philosophy with the help of a mentor, John Earl Shoaff, at age 25. He taught him how to look for the things that make the most difference in someone’s life. Jim then spent most of his time doing those things.
By age 31, he was a millionaire. He had accomplished his goals. It only took six years to go from Idaho farm boy to Beverly Hills millionaire.
Many people think success is some complex or mystical process. In reality, it only comes down to your philosophy—how you approach the world—a kind of principled decision to focus on what matters that can make a difference in how your life turns out.
There are other puzzle pieces to success, but these pieces come together after you’ve established your philosophy for life. Getting a mentor and becoming a Protege is one of the most important things if you want success in any part of your life. Come be our Protege and finally get the success in health and fitness you desire!
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Fat Loss Tips

fat loss

10/18/2016 Barb Lass

If you’re on a mission to slim down and tone up then it’s really important to hone your fat loss rather than simply weight loss. Losing pounds feels good, but if those pounds are precious muscle, then you’re actually hurting your overall ability for fat loss. In order to ensure that the weight you’re losing is FAT and not MUSCLE take the following 15 Essential Fat Loss Tips to heart…

Fat Loss Tip #1: Keep Track

Your willingness to track your food intake is equal to your desire to lose fat. Being serious about losing fat means taking note of every calorie you consume, making sure these calories contain enough protein, and stopping when you meet your daily allowance.

Fat Loss Tip #2: Eat Breakfast

Possibly the most fundamental eating tip of all time, a healthy breakfast with a good protein source will help your body have good calories to burn throughout the a.m. hours, letting you get to lunch without being tempted by that mid-morning doughnut.

Fat Loss Tip #3: Avoid Getting Too Hungry

Dieters often fast until they can’t take it any longer. Unfortunately, many poor choices are made in the heat of the hunger moment. Keep healthy (high protein and low carb) snacks nearby to stave off hunger and drink plenty of water to avoid eating when you should be drinking.

Fat Loss Tip #4: Underestimate Your Routine

Yes, you just pumped iron for an hour and ran six miles. But you probably didn’t burn as many calories as you think. To keep from overeating after a workout, grab a bite immediately after, but make it a small bite. And drink plenty of water. Then wait. Your brain needs time to tell your body it’s full.

Fat Loss Tip #5: Stay Home

Your favorite restaurant may be calling your name, but don’t listen! By cooking your own dinner at home, you’ll sidestep a variety of pitfalls that occur while eating out.

Fat Loss Tip #6: Reduce Alcohol Intake

It helps you relax and—if you drink red wine—can offer health benefits. But alcohol also comes with a lot of useless calories. To avoid having more calories to burn than necessary, skip the bar and grab another glass of water.

Fat Loss Tip #7: Redirect

Sticking with a fat loss plan gets hard. The next time it gets unbearable, grab your phone and walk out of the danger zone (your kitchen) and call a friend or loved one. Ask how life is going or plan a movie night—just talk about whatever will take your mind off the temptation that will ruin your efforts.

Fat Loss Tip #8: Hit the Hay

Remember when your parents gave you a curfew because “Nothing good happens after midnight”? This is particularly true when fat loss is your goal. Get to bed to avoid late-night snacking and help your body function its best!

Fat Loss Tip #9: Go Green (First)

There are lots of good foods out there that you need—lean meats, dairy, etc. But don’t let these be the bulk of your diet. Start your meals with something healthy and green to keep your carb count low.

Fat Loss Tip #10: Weigh Yourself

You might not like the idea of jumping on the scale, but if you don’t weigh yourself, you may not recognize your progress. Just as you should count your calories, you should also count your pounds and make adjustments to your eating and exercise routines as needed.

Fat Loss Tip #11: Disconnect Diet from Life

Life comes with ups and downs. Your diet should not. When stressed, don’t go to the vending machine. Put on your walking shoes and get going.

Fat Loss Tip #12: Keep the Burn Going

Working out is not supposed to be a walk in the park. To push your body to its potential and to burn more calories, don’t take long breaks between exercises. Rest no more than 30 seconds after an exercise to keep your body shedding calories and pounds.

Fat Loss Tip #13: Goodbye Sugary Sweet

Everyone needs a quick sweet on occasion. Make sure yours is natural, whole fruit rather than regular old sugar. Every day, it seems more research is showing that refined sugars and high-fructose corn syrup increase your likelihood of weight gain more than anything else.

Fat Loss Tip #14: Move Now!

Maintaining a consistent, challenging exercise program is essential for your fat loss, but don’t let that be your only exercise. Build 15-minute windows throughout your day during which you can take a brisk walk. You’ll be more alert at work and the pounds will keep dropping.

Fat Loss Tip #15: Don’t Give Up

You may think it’s too easy a tip to list, but very few people have the will power necessary to keep with a program long enough to see the desired results. Commit yourself today to being one of those few. If you’re not yet one of my esteemed clients then now is the time to join in and experience a whole new level of fitness and fat loss. Reply to this email or give me a call today to get started.

The Werewolf and Diet


The Werewolf and Diet

:Scott Kratochvil 10/17/2016

Have you ever watched a werewolf movie? Yes! We all have at some point and if you haven’t you still get a very vivid picture in your mind of one. Now think of that vivid picture of the werewolf, what does it look like? Huge, strong, never stopping animal. Look at its face, snarling with teeth sweating and dripping drool. Now thinking about what the werewolf represents. Uncontrollable primal aggression. No think about the story of the werewolf. A human “cursed” that on the full moon it turns into this unstoppable, primal, strong, never stopping beast that will attack even the person’s closest relationships and destroy the world around it.

So what does this have to do with Protégé Fitness and diet you ask?

Think in your past when you were on a diet. Did you feel cursed? Did you feel like you didn’t have control? Were you worried that if you saw a pizza or a doughnut or ice cream or bacon cheeseburger or nachos or gummy bears or the many other favorite trigger foods that you would lose all control and just attack that food? The answer to this is 100% yes. We all struggle with this at times. This is why diets fail. They curse you and starve you until you turn into your werewolf.

How do you break free from this curse?

Number one thing we teach people is how to put a silver bullet in this werewolf. How do we teach this??? We don’t teach a diet!!! I have never met a person that failed their diet but everyone I have met their diet has failed them. Starting a diet, you are setting yourself up for failure because diets starve you, deprive you and don’t bend but break when life happens.

Why else do diets fail? They don’t teach you anything! They don’t help you understand why you doing certain things. The don’t give you the tools to make a life style change. They don’t bend they only break. Once the diet is broken you go right back to what you have always done and the weight comes back and you have to start all over again. I know this vicious cycle all too well. I was on my first diet in first grade and did this horrible back and forth until in my 20s and started to learn the science behind not just diet but the science behind the why and how your body works.

We teach the why, when and how of your body and start to make diet changes to cause the fat loss reaction and give you the tools to make life style choices and change. We give you the education that allows you to know how to accomplish your goals now and for the rest of your life. We can’t lose the weight for you but we can teach how to lose it. We can’t make sure 2 lbs come off every week but we teach you so you understand why your body reacted a certain way in a certain week. We do is walk with you during this process and help and support you to make those life style choices, understand why things went right, understand why things went wrong. Doing this makes you never fail!! You only win or learn!


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Fat Burning Meal Hacks



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