Nutrition Science Program

Our Nutrition Science Program is a very important part to reaching any goal you might have. If you goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, increase performance, faster recovery nutrition is one of the key aspects to reaching those goals. If you are looking for increasing your health, vitality, stamina, healing giving your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to working in optimal health.  Our education is also geared to teach you that everytime you consume something there is a chemical reaction that occurs. These chemical reactions can trigger fat loss, fat gain, muscle gain, positive /or negative hormone response, cell repair or cell damage and the list goes on. Everytime you consume something there is a reaction that occurs and with that knowledge comes great power and understanding to give you the tools to change your body and health for life.

Nutrition Science Programs

Our Nutrition Science Program is built by scientifically proven methods and strategies, 1000s of client success stories, 25+ years of knowledge, education and experience. Our program is individualized to each client on their specific needs, goals, current health and body type. The programs are built to teach you 3 major aspects to optimize your health, achieve your goals and keep you results permanently! 1) Fuel your body with the proper nutrition and energy 2) Super charge it by making sure the nutrition you are eating is also high quality of the essential vitamins and minerals. 3) The understanding of what chemical reaction happens when you consume something.When you combine these 3 aspects into your program and we teach you the science of what your body needs, you will see results and you will keep those results!

Science for Weight Loss:

Are you sick and tired of trying diets and failing? Are you ready to give up because every time you lose 10 lbs you gain it back plus another 5 lbs? Does nothing you do seems to work? Are you super confused with all the information out there that all seems to go against each other? Majority of our clients start off with these very same frustrations and are angry and fed up! Many are at their breaking point and about to give up! You are NOT ALONE! We are here to finally teach you the science of fat loss!! It gets better!!! How because when we teach you the truth and science behind fat loss it becomes permanent!! No more struggles. No More Yo-Yo diets. No more frustration that you can’t do it!

Science for muscle or performance:

Many people have goals other than fat loss. They might be looking for more muscle, more stamina, more endurance or to perform in life or a sport better. Learning to eat to fuel your body is essential for daily life, build muscle or increase performance. We individualize each program to fit you and your goals!


Science for health and healing:

Wedding Party

Wedding Programs

We are here to help you have the best big day of your life!! Are you a Bride or Groom that has the BIG day coming up??!! Do you want to look and feel the best you can for that day? Let us help!! Our Wedding Program is ala carte to give you flexible options for times and finances. This program is to help you lose unwanted fat and tone up to look good in your gown or tux.

You get to pick and choose between 1on1 sessions, Pride group sessions or set a time slot for you and your wedding party!

You will receive our individualized programs to give you the best results in the shortest time! These programs consist of working out here at Protégé but also programs to do from home.

You also receive our Nutrition Science Program FREE to deliver maximum results. We will teach how to take the fat of fast and correctly so you can keep it off! We will also teach you several diet strategies to strip fat off even faster. Learning how to take it off the right way and also strategies to take it off fast not only gets you in the best shape of your life for your biggest day but it also will give you the tools to keep it for life!!!


We offer a Bridal Party discount group rate!!!

**Limited time specials so act now!!! Bride is Free with 2 or more Bridesmaids or Groom is Free with 2 or more Groomsmen. You all have been a special part of each other’s life so do something together for this special day!

Basic military training

Are you or maybe your son or daughter consider joining the Army, Airforce, Navy or Marines?

There are different requirements for each branch of our military, but each of them include a timed run, push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups.  The requirements for the Army are changing in 2018, and will be even more of a challenge.

On top of the fitness requirements, there are weight and body fat (minimum and maximum) that must be met in order to be considered a recruit for each branch.

Military training is a full-time job!  Basic training consists of long days and nights for several weeks.  Getting into the habit of working out in the morning, going to school or work during the day, then doing something in the evening…maybe another workout or running, or even studying are all things that will help prepare you.  You need to learn how to put in the time.

If you are overweight, or near the maximum weight or body fat standards, the sooner you get started the better.  Bottom line is, if you do not meet the requirements, you may not even be able complete your basic military training.

If you arrive at basic military training unprepared physically, the risk of injury is significantly increased.  Depending on injury, you may fail your fitness test and you may not recover in time to graduate.  Failure will result in you being rolled into other training classes or being sent home, unable to complete basic military training.

At Protégé we have several options to help you prepare for this challenge. Let us help you prepare for your basic military training!


Are you expecting or planning on having a baby? First things first, check with your health care provider. It used to be said that it wasn’t safe to exercise when you were pregnant, however, it is now known that exercising up to 30-minutes a day before and during pregnancy has so many benefits, here are just a few:

 You may gain less weight, of course you need to gain weight to have a healthy baby, however, research shows that women who exercised regularly gained on average, 7-fewer pounds than those who did not. Eating enough calories during your pregnancy, especially while working out is important. Learning to eat correctly before you become pregnant will help those habits follow through your whole pregnancy, which will help both you and your new baby.

 Exercising while you are pregnant is not about playing contact sports, however, working with a personal trainer who can guide you through your exercise plan, and make sure your are using proper movements throughout will also help you maintain your balance and stability as your body goes through so many changes.

 No guarantees, of course, but having a strong core and having a fit cardiovascular system may help make that labor and delivery faster and easier.

 With so many changes happening so fast with your body as you grow little fingers and toes inside of you, it is important to know how to go through each stage. You will need to: warm-up before working out, not just jump in, you need to increase your heart rate slowly, and have the body ready for movement to avoid muscle and ligament strain. You need to drink water before, during and after exercising to avoid becoming dehydrated which can lead to a reduced amount of blood reaching the placenta, dehydration can also increase your risk of over heating and lead to contractions. You need to know when you can no longer lie flat on your back during your exercise.

 The list goes on, however, working with personal trainers who have helped several women before, during, and after delivery, and communicating with your doctor as you go through your pregnancy, can help ensure safe activity and a healthy baby.

 Creating these habits before becoming pregnant can help you keep your energy up, and maintain working out safely during your pregnancy.

Silver Pride

We have many clients that are in the age of 55+ years young and have found us because of a great need! There are many options for fitness and exercise out there but when you really look at them how many are actually beneficial to your needs? Do you need to be doing fitness programs that are designed for 20-35 year olds? Should you really be flipping tires? Should you be doing high repetitions of kicks and punches? Should you be doing your normal stroll through the random machines like always have with out success? Should you be taking classes taught by instructors that have only an 8 hour course of education? We know you deserve better!

Our Silver Pride clientele take a wide range of different options from 1on1 sessions to many of Pride group sessions like Pro-basics, 3 different yoga options and more!!! We design programming for you!!! Learn how to become mobile again, pain free again and a stronger healthier version of yourself. Health and fitness is the fountain of youth we all seek! As we age we can start to lose strength, endurance, stamina, the ability to get to the floor and back up. This program was designed for people who have either been active their whole life and looking at improving but doing the things you did when you were younger just aren’t working anymore. This program is also great for the client that doesn’t have a fitness background at all. All clients we start you at your beginning and build a invidualized program to make you a healthier and stronger version of yourself!

This program also includes our Nutrition Science Program for FREE!! This program teaches you how to fuel your body with the energy and nutrition to increase your overall health and wellness! If you also have goals of weight loss burning fat is side effect of the exercise and nutrition program!! We also will teach you many diet strategies to help achieve and goal you might have!!

Come join our Silver Pride Program now!

Lioness Program

Our MOMs (Mothers on the Move) Program was built for all the full time mothers out there. This program has 3 times slots each being at 9am Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This lets you get all your morning duties taken care of and refuel and reenergize you for the rest of the day!

Give yourself a time out and do something for you! Come connect with other moms and have that much needed adult intereaction! Come Join the Pride and become the best version of yourself!

This program also includes our Nutrition Science Program for FREE!! This program teaches you how to fuel your body with the energy and nutrition to increase your overall health and wellness! If you also have goals of weight loss burning fat is side effect of the exercise and nutrition program!! We also will teach you many diet strategies to help achieve and goal you might have!!

Executive Program

Our Executive Program was designed for the busy business professional! Many business professionals and business owners have limited time to fit in workouts everyday so we have options to help work around this problem. We have early morning classes, evening classes, or your lunch break sessions! Our Executive lunch break are very popular as they allow you to get in the office early and then get your workout in before your lunch meeting and providing that energy boost and mental focus to finish the day strong!

As business owners ourselves we understand the hectic schedule as we start our days at 5am and end at 7pm or later. If we didn’t schedule our workouts like a business meeting we wouldn’t make them either. So we have times slots of Pride group sessions and also 1on1 times to schedule your meeting at Protege Fitness!

As we get older our health and fitness start to drop at a significantly fast. The importance of keeping your health and fitness high is so important to reduce stress of the day, clear your mind or just break up your day with a good sweat. Our clients that are busy professionals and start the Executive Program wonder how they even got through a day in the past once they start to feel the energy and mental boost from these workouts. Join the Pride and make your work days more productive! This program is designed to help you one the path of health and fitness. We all know that our health is the most important asset we own! Lets make that asset better, lets make you more productive lets take your health to the next level to improve every aspect of your life and career!

This program also includes our Nutrition Science Program for FREE!! This program teaches you how to fuel your body with the energy and nutrition to increase your overall health and wellness! If you also have goals of weight loss burning fat is side effect of the exercise and nutrition program!! We also will teach you many diet strategies to help achieve and goal you might have!!


Are you runner? Are you training for a 5k or maybe a marathon or an Ultra marathon? Do you love obstacle course races like the Tough Mudder, Rugged Maniac or the Spartan Race? Are you someone that has never done any of it but want to? We have programs that are for the first timers to clients with 100s of races under their belts.

At Protege Fitness we have many groups that train together for all of the above and more!!! If your a runner or obstacle course lover there are many important factors that come with achieving success! If you are a beginner there are many things to learn about to reach that success! That is why we put together this program. This program comes from our scientific approach to fitness and also years of training track teams to the military.

In this program we will teach you how to run and how to run whatever type of race it is.

Learning to run is important for pacing, stamina, endurance, conditioning and staying injury free. We also will teach you how to take care of your joints and muscles. Many times people start to train for any of the above and end up with injuries from incorrect form, over training or lack of knowledge on how to keep your body healthy during the training process. We will teach all the tools to not only improve but make sure you limit the possiblities over injury.

Another major factor in all these races is strength training and it is often over looked. For obstacle course racing strength to climb, pull, carry crawl and more is important to the race and our program will give you the training to bring your body to level to compete and succeed in these races. Strength is also important for the 5k- marathon runner as well for conditioning purposes. The other aspect of strength training that is important is it makes sure you are staying balanced in movement and strength. Many injuries to joints like hips, back and knees are a direct relationship of over training one muscle and causing imbalances that make your body weaker, less efficient and also increase the risk of these injuries.

This program also includes our Nutrition Science Program for FREE!! This program teaches you how to fuel your body with the energy and nutrition to increase your overall health and wellness! Your performance training and on race day are effected tremendously by your nutrition.  If you also have goals of weight loss burning fat is side effect of the exercise and nutrition program!! We also will teach you many diet strategies to help achieve and goal you might have!!

The great thing about joining the Pride to get ready for these races is you are joining a community of like minded individuals that will be running with you every step of the way!


PX3 Program

Our PX3 Program is designed to get you the best results with limited time. This program takes our scientific approach to making you the strongest version of yourself and losing fat as quickly as possible. The PX3 program is designed for clients on a weekly time crunch and can’t make it into Protege 4+ times a week but get you amazing results with only 3 days a week. Our Pride sessions of Pro-Circuit, Kettlebells, RPMs and Pro-Punch all are designed and time slotted to fit into everybody’s abilities and time schedules. This program was born from seeing clients that got the best results averaged 3.5 days a week. Joining the Pride on the PX3 program gets you into 3 classes a week that will challenge you, push you and bring you to new heights and achievements and help you reach goals of fat loss, conditioning, becoming a better version of yourself and more!!!!


With the PX3 Program you also receive our Nutrition Science Program for FREE!!! While the workouts take your body to the next level the NS Program fuels your body to achieve your results and goals!!! You also will have access to Protege Open Gym option to come in and workout on your own as you see fit!! We will build you specialized programs for you to follow. These individualized programs will center on perfecting your strengths and practicing your weaknesses to make you more effective, more efficient and increase the benefits in our Pride sessions!


This Program will take you to levels that you didn’t know you could reach without spending everyday and hours in the gym!! Work smarter not longer!! Come join the Pride!!!