Paleo and Keto and Atkins Oh My!

The Protégé Way of nutrition education starts with an approach to nutrition and eating that is based on real food and real results and results that last. Many times peoples diet attempts end without results due to not being able to keep up with restriction on calories or carbs or some other ingredient involved. The Protégé approach differs from many of the mainstream nutritional plans and lifestyles because we teach on fuel, science and results. Does your specific body chemistry and life style responds really well to a particular nutritional plan? Some people do!! That is why we teach for results. We start our clients with the Protégé way of eating and then alter things for life style and also teach other strategies that can help speed reaching goals. Keto, Atkins and Paleo Oh My! People think they are the same low carb fad diet, these diets /or strategies have differences. Is one better than the other? Is one right for your life style? Are they a good option for a short term strategy to jump start better health, rest and weight loss?


The name of this diet is taken from the Paleolithic period and what humans ate then. The Paleo diet is based on what a hunter and gather would eat primarily meat, eggs, fish, and fresh fruits and vegetables. This is diet is based on the thought that our body and digestive system is built to only eat these foods and not the agricultural products and processed foods that have become the American normal diet.

The human body is an amazing machine and adjust to almost anything. So since the Paleo period the human body has changed and adapted for many reasons and yours has since you were born. To say we have to eat just like humans did way back then is just not true.  Many people on the Paleo diet remove things like legumes and grains and other high carb foods. The human body has been eating those foods since that time and more than able to eat them and live a healthy life. People eating Paleo have examples of improvements to their health and fitness after starting the diet. Some things people see are increased energy, require less sleep, even relief from some inflammatory conditions and weight loss.

The Paleo diet has a big difference than the other diets that it isn’t all super anti-carb. Carbs are fine in the Paleo diet, so long as they are coming from fresh fruits and vegetables. It is really hard to over eat carbs when the only ones you are eating is fruits and veggies. The main point is to help control sugar intake. You can’t eat fruit all day and say you are on a Paleo diet and doing that won’t help you lose weight. Paleo also discourages dairy in any form as again these things weren’t available to humans then. Humans are able to consume dairy and still live a healthy life as we have been doing for 100s of years.


The Keto diet goal is to put your body in ketosis and keep it there. (This can happen with a Paleo and also Atkins style diet as well) Your body goes into ketosis and releases ketones because it is relying primarily on fat (and fat stores) for energy. The keto diet can be great for someone who needs a lot of weight to lose and dropping it fast. A con though it is not the greatest diet for maintaining a healthy weight or for most people’s life styles because of heavy restrictions. The keto diet was first invented back in 500 BC to treat medical conditions like epilipsy. There is also lots people that claim it can cure many medical and health issues and a reason to be on a keto diet. As with many diets there are always 2 sides, there are all fruit and veggie diets that help cure the same medical and health issues.  I know don’t suggest this type of diet to many people unless there might be some medical reasons to do so or it is an easy way of them eating.

Many people say they are on a keto diet when actually they are not. A true keto diet you need to get 75-80% of your calories from fat 15-25% from protein and less than 15-30 total grams a day from carbs. If you really track your food you will realize how hard and limiting this diet. Most fat sources have protein so to keep that ratio at 75% or higher is very difficult. Also if you track food you know how fast you can hit 15-30 grams of carbs with a few vegetables. The keto diet puts your body starvation state by removing carbs. Your body relies heavily on carbs for energy, without carbs this can trigger ketosis. The keto diet can also cause the body to break down muscle tissue for energy, especially if you aren’t in ketosis. You might read other that talk about a keto diet and building muscle or not losing and suggest eating 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass. In almost any case that would put your protein intake at a higher than keto specific diet, so now you aren’t doing a keto diet but just a low to no carb diet. There hasn’t been many medical studies on long term keto diet benefits or side effects yet because the diet was used for the short term to help with medical conditions. This I am sure will start to change in the next 5-10 years. Medical studies on long-term carb restriction has also shown the potential to damage vital organs such as the heart and liver but there are also many studies that show the opposite. I have done a true keto diet many times in my life and I have been successful and failed miserably while doing it. It is a diet I might suggest for some clients but never for long periods of time (30-60 days). Another down fall to the keto diet is some people take 48 hours to go into ketosis others can take 10-20+ days. During that whole time your body is not in ketosis your body is not feeding off your fat but muscle. This causes fatigue, irritability, brain fog and tons of other not so fun things. Imagine starving for 10-20 days and losing muscle and energy……not fun to go through. Lastly a keto diet is very strict to those number above an 1 meal of carbs over 30 grams or a day of to much protein and not enough fat you body falls out of ketosis and you are starting over and have to go the 48 hours – 20+ days to get back there again. (If someone was in ketosis they normally can get back in around the 24-48 hour mark) Keto has become a very popular “term” and “diet” again over the past 5 years and 5 years before that it was Paleo and before that was Atkins. They all limit carbs and all cause the scale to go down but is it something you can do long term or for life? It depends on the individual.


The Atkins diet was huge in the 80s and up down popularity ever sense. It really started the carbs are the devil trend in dieting.  The popularity started to drop pretty fast as  more and more evidence that it really wasn’t all that effective in the long term and unsafe for some people.

Like the Keto diet, it was about getting your body into ketosis through extreme carbohydrate restriction. The diet first began advising followers to not eat carbs and eat all the protein and fats they want. (This is actually what many people who say they are on a Keto diet are doing, the Atkins diet) As it became more popular and more people tried the Atkins diet it became more and more obvious this wasn’t the best approach. The Atkins diet then start to change it’s tune, its more like a Keto diet, setting specific fat, protein and carb intake. The low carb part is unchanged. It is not as popular by name as it was back in the 80s but you still see Atkins products and Atkins approved stamps on many foods and still come out with a new book every year. Following the guidelines are a lot safer now and something someone can do to lose weight but is it really a life style you can live? Like I stated earlier the Atkins diet is actually what many people are doing when they think they are doing the Keto Diet. I see “Keto Meal Plans” or people posting “#ketolifestyle” on a picture of there dinner and I can see that there is to many carbs and to much protein in that meal to adhere to a Keto diet, they are doing a Atkins diet plan. (Sorry for you that are doing this and I am letting you know)

Is one better than the other?

You can’t really rate either one better than the other. Also all three of these approaches aren’t meant to work for life but to sell you on a book or product. All 3 have pluses and minuses but are any really long term life styles? Are you never going to eat rice, wheat, potatoes, fruit, oatmeal, veggies or the 100s of other healthy foods that have carbs in them again?? Every person reading this will (if being honest) will answer no!! This is one of the biggest down fall of these diets is that they limit and remove many things we eat everyday. The biggest issue though with these diets is they don’t teach you anything, they just remove tons of food options. If you are eating Paleo, Keto or Atkins you can still be under eating and starving yourself and not burning fat but muscle. Also with these diets you can also still over eat and gain fat. We understand that people all answer no and is why we don’t teach this to clients but teach them to eat a healthy life style that is sustainable and realistic everyday. We teach you the science and math on how to accomplish your goals with out going on some super restrictive diet that will end in failure. We know that if we teach this to clients on how to eat this way that they will be able to eat this way every day and have life long results.  When we teach you how to adjust your calories, carbs, protein and fats for health, fat loss, performance or maintence you will be able to always reach your goals if you follow those guidelines. All 3 diets can give you results and using them as a diet strategy can sometimes be helpful in reaching goals. If you have any further or detailed questions please ask!!! The reason I am writing this blog post though is…….

We have many clients that ask about these diets and if they should do them or how they work. The reason why they are asking this question is for many reasons and you should always be asking questions and learning. (We always are!!) The main reason though is social media…….you see people saying I just started this “_____”diet and dropped 12 pounds in 2 weeks? So it makes many people feel like they are doing something wrong or there is a better way. (There are lots of ways to lose weight but only a few to burn off fat, the best way is the one that works for you) Losing weight can be easy, I can lose 5 lbs in 1.5 hours if I really want but we all know it comes back immediately too. How many people have you known in your life that have told you they lost 12 pounds in 2-3 weeks? It is probably a lot if you really think about it. Now how many of them looked any different? Not many…just like I don’t look any different when I lose 5 lbs in 1.5 hours. How many of them told you 6 months later that they are down 60 pounds now? Not many! Why because after the first 3-5 weeks they stopped losing weight and the diet then was to restrictive to keep doing daily. They weren’t losing fat but water and muscle. Why do they have great results right away? Many times it is because they have been eating so unhealthy for 3 months to most of their life that when they eliminate processed foods, pop, sugar, fast food and all the other garbage people eat daily you are going to lose 2-8 pounds in 2-4 weeks with that alone. We all know a person or two that lost 8 pounds in a month just by drinking water instead of pop. The second part is most of the time these people haven’t exercised or the most they have walked is when they go shopping in the past 3 months to 5+ years. They remove bad food choices and start light walking /or exercise routine and these 2 small changes have a big impact in the first month. After a month or 2 they stop seeing results and they go back to their old way of eating and inactivity and gain all the weight back. Hence the term Yo-Yo diet. Why do we have clients that have lost 10,20,40,60,80,100+ pounds of fat and have kept it off for years after and not gain it back? It is in the science,math and education of what you need to do to burn fat and understanding what they need to do. Applying that knowledge and taking action is when the magic happens and during this time life style changes start to happen.


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I’m always on a diet!

We all know that friend,co-worker or family member who is always on a diet.  Why are these people always on diets? You aren’t meant to be on a diet your whole life and struggling to lose weight, hating your body, getting frustrated with no results.

There is a major health issue and education disconnect when it comes to diets and results. I read an article a few years back that said there are 7 billion people alive today and there are 2 articles on diet and fat loss for each person. 14 Billion articles have been written on the subject. Why have there been that many and we still have people all over that are struggling to lose weight? Why don’t people lose weight when they diet? Why do you know someone that has been dieting for 20 years to take off that last 20 pounds? Why do people start diets and quit them? Why don’t diets work for some people? What is your definition of a diet? What diets have you tried? How many diets have you tried in the past year? How many diets gave you success? Why did the weight come back if you had success? How long did you have results when you tried a diet? What made you try that next perfect diet to finally get you the results you wanted?

There is a reason why they are called Fad Diets, either they don’t work, give you short term success or is just becoming popular again. Why do people keep falling off of them? You want results and the marketing sold you into thinking this Fad Diet would work. How many diets are out there??? Way to many to even want to count or pay attention to.

But why are there so many diets? The reason may shock you……..

….. Fad diets only make you fatter.


Now lets talk about lots of diets that aren’t Fad diets but have been around for a long time with plenty of evidence to show if they work or not.

Mediterranean Diet (Traced back to 1940s)

Atkins Diet (Traced back to 1960s)

Paleo Diet (Traced back to 1975)

Vegan/ Vegetarian Diets (Can’t be traced back)

Keto Diet (Traced back to early 1900s)

South Beach Diet (Traced back to 2000s)

Fasting Protocols (Can’t be traced back)

The ones you can’t trace back are because people having been doing them since the human race began. Fasting Protocols and vegetarian diets have been done for many reasons from necessity, religious or cultural beliefs, simplicity, health, healing and more. Many people might be shocked that a ketogenic diet is 1 of the oldest ones listed going back over 100 years of trial and research, the reason the shock is because as with many things health and fitness related things all come in cycles. I have been in the industry almost 20 years and was on my first diet in 1st grade. I have been on some sort of diet at least 2 times a year for the past 30+ years. I have tried each diet above. Plus crazy Fad diets like 48 hour Hollywood diet, skim milk and banana diet, cabbage soup diet, grapefruit diet, cleansing diets, detoxing diets, you name it and I have probably tried it. Fad diets are fads for a reason, they’re largely unsustainable, promise results they can’t deliver and encourage us to think of nutrition as something we do for a few weeks until we reach a goal and then quit. When clients first start we ask about their past diet experience and many have been diet jumpers. What is a diet jumper? We see many times clients will do a diet for 4 days and not see 4 lbs gone so they try another diet, then another and another. The better choice is to make lifestyle changes that you can maintain while still enjoying yourself. Our society has been an instant gratification microwave mentality for awhile now and only getting worse. Entertain me in 5 seconds or I change the channel, keep scrolling through my news feed, stop listening, swipe right, click close and give me results now. 6 minute abs got put out of business from 4 min abs, 48 detox to lose 10 lbs, 21 pounds in 21 days, 3 weeks to the new you all these things you have heard and read have started brain washing most people into the belief you can change overnight. Even if you could magically change in 48 hours to the perfect body you want, how long would you have it? 1 day? 1 month? 1 year? People want instant change without changing anything and mad when that isn’t the case. If you did magically change to your perfect body in 48 hours what would you do different to make sure you didn’t go back to your current body? Do you want to magically change your body in 1 second???? I can tell you how!!!! Just start doing what you would do to keep your perfect body and not go quit! Start it now and do it daily from now on…….you will then get to your perfect body. The steps and plans we teach our clients are how to have the body they want. All you need to do is follow the steps….do it daily and stick with it. If you magically changed in 1 sec to your perfect body how would you feel about yourself? Feel that way about yourself now!!!! Feel that way now and everyday and you will get to that body! This is real life, so guess what, you will have bad days in life still. Think of 5 bad things that happened this year too you and gave you a reason to not start a plan or not stick with a plan. These reason will always come up, that is just life. Mindset is a major key to reaching your goals in life, business,  and any form of success! Mindset is a major key in health and fitness as well. Change your mindset!! That mindset shift stopped me from being a serial dieter in the Yo-Yo scale battle of the soul and mind. What happened after I changed that mindset I became calm, understanding, saw change and results. Many people have a mindset that they will diet for 21 days, get the body of their dreams and be able to go back and do the same things they are doing today. That after 21 days you will have reached your goal and you are done, that you can start eating like you have in the past. (The things you did to gain the weight)

We will teach you to be a healthier,stronger, leaner and the best version of yourself. *Disclaimer: clients do have to apply what we teach them.

So with all these diets and fad diets what do we do for our nutrition now? What do we teach our clients?

When you remove the Fad diets that are obviously a waste of time and bad for your health you have the list of diets from above…..

Mediterranean Diet (Traced back to 1940s)

Atkins Diet (Traced back to 1960s)

Paleo Diet (Traced back to 1975)

Vegan/ Vegetarian Diets (Can’t be traced back)

Keto Diet (Traced back to early 1900s)

South Beach Diet (Traced back to 2000s)

Fasting Protocols (Can’t be traced back)

If you research all these diets you will read tons of information on many health benefits from weight loss, general health to healing benefits of medical conditions. So which one do we teach? We don’t! HUH? We don’t teach clients any of these diets for many reasons. One is because like many diets people have a mindset of pass or fail, so if they step out of the box of one of these diets they feel they failed and stop. Second many people have tried these diets and had success at first and then didn’t see results to only quit. Third they actually don’t teach you much on the science of diet. Your body doesn’t burn fat because of your diet and it doesn’t burn fat because of your exercise. HUH? Your bodies hormones tell your body to burn fat, store fat, build muscle, burn muscle, become healthier or go into protection mode. It comes down to the Fight or Flight response. To burn fat you need you hormones to tell your body to do so and you do this not with a specific diet like above, you do it with fueling your body properly.

Lets look at the diets above and what do they all have in common?

Besides the fasting protocols, they all are about the same diet. Don’t eat processed foods, fast food, sugar, chemicals, essentially everything you find in the isles of a grocery store. The things they all have in common are eat real food, the way it comes from the earth or the things on the outside of the grocery store. It really becomes that simple. So why do people fail at these diets? One reason is because they don’t want to change their diet and keep eating fast food, cookies, diet pop, ice cream, cereal, desserts or list of tons of others. Two, even if they make the change they see results at first and then stop seeing results after a few weeks or months and give up. Why did they stop seeing results? It comes down to your body telling itself to burn fat or store fat. Changing what you are eating is one of the biggest steps you take during your journey into being healthier and losing fat. It also is changing how you eat daily and why you are eating a certain way daily and understanding and feeling that difference. We teach you the science of what,when and why. You have essential fatty acids and essential amino acids(proteins) your body needs plus vitamins and minerals to work properly. All the diets above give you those and cut out unnecessary carbs. So all basically are the same low carb diet with their own slight twist. (*Disclaimer: carbs are not bad but also are not essential. You can lose fat while eating carbs) When you start cutting out foods with ingredients that have more letters than the alphabet, foods with high sugars, foods that cause a chemical reaction that tells your body to store fat you start making great progress to being healthier. To continue burning fat you need to also eat right so your hormones tell your body to use the extra fat as energy and this is why diets fail.

We start by teaching clients to eat healthy food choices and how to fuel their bodies. After teaching clients these steps we can start to show them how to adjust calories, marco/ micro nutrition and other diet strategies to get their bodies to burn fat. Many of the diets listed above are close to what we teach our clients to do to start eating healthy. The key though is feeding your body so your hormones are telling your body to burn fat and not store it. Many people try all sort of diets with initial success but stop seeing results and then gain the weight back. We teach you how to get your body working properly to burn off the fat. It is simple but it is not always easy. The simple part is the understanding but the hard part is the consistency to eating specifically for burning fat off and getting your body working properly. This is also sometimes a huge mental struggle because some of the things we have clients do to reach success are things that seem to go against some things they have read. It also can be hard to change habits, these habits could be not eating or drinking certain things, eating new things, cooking things differently, trying new recipes or just eating the correct amounts of the correct things. Having patience in the process and also not comparing yourself to others can be a huge struggle during this time as well. The goal for many of our clients is to just get them to change small things weekly and help them make the small changes into huge results that last.

Learning the science to take you from your current point to reaching a goal is simple math but applying that knowledge is the key to reaching the goal. It is not about a diet, it is about change, that change comes from doing the right things to cause that change. We can teach you the science of what,why and when on nutrition and fueling your body to create that change!

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Help!! I need Accountability

At Protege Fitness we try to educate all of our clients on my aspects of health, fitness and diet. When we first start with clients we set a plan of action and direction to have them start to take to reach their goals. If you don’t have a plan for any goal, it is just a dream. Some of the steps we have them take is logging food and setting a specific workout routine to adhere to and start tracking their results. Clients come in for many reasons: weight loss, rehab, education, performance, healing and so much more. If a client comes to us and want so run their first full marathon and have never even done a 5k, there a lot of steps to take (no pun intended). If that client has 4 months to get to that level, we will lay out a plan for them to follow to reach that goal. If the first week they are supposed to run 1 mile 5x that week and they only do 1 mile 1x. They won;t be able to progress to the second week of 2 miles 5x the second week. Let say the second week they only do 1 mile again only 1x, do you expect them the 3rd week to be able to go out and run 3 miles 5x a week. If by the 4th week they are supposed to run 5 miles 3x that week do you think they will be able run 5 miles? How about 5 miles 3x? Most likely not. If they continue to only run 1 mile 1x a week for the 4 months will they ever be ready for the full marathon of 23 miles? Why? As you read this, you all know it is because they aren’t following through on the fitness routine laid out. Each week that mile is going to be awful and feel like the first time doing 1 because there is not consistency or follow through on the plan

As a client goals and plans change all the time and they should so you are always progressing. If you need to reset your goals and start a new plan let us know and we will set a time to do so.

You are our Protege’s and we are your mentors/teachers and our goal is to give you that plan to follow to reach any goal you are looking for! Setting the plan is the easy thing to do as a client and your trainer, the hard part comes after that. Someone looking to reach any goal needs that plan laid out so you can take action towards that goal. Taking action is the next huge step that needs to happen. This can be about exercise or diet, any action or lack there of directly effects the out comes. The client above training for a marathon can’t look back at the 4 months and say: “I ran 1 mile each week why wasn’t I ready for the full marathon! I’m worthless! I’m not good enough! The plan didn’t work! This running program is a sham!” None of those things are true. Did the plan fail? No! Did the client fail? No! The actions that were taken gave the end results. This is not a failure but a learning experience. Making that mental shift from failure to learn experience is key in everything in life. All to often we don’t get a desired result but rarely is from taking action!

When it comes to diet plans for clients we start most clients off on a program that teaches them life long health, weight loss and management. This diet education also is based to give you many other results from reducing and removing inflammation, losing fat, fueling your muscles, fueling your organs, hormone control and more. This program also teaches you how to eat for the rest of your life, there really is no reason to give you a crash diet that causes scale weight to come off but add fat,lose muscle and screw up your hormones. Once clients have this down we teach lots of other diet strategies from ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting, microbiome gut health, pain and inflammation relief, fat shred and more. We don’t start with many of these strategies because if you don’t know how to eat for health all the weight you would lose with a any diet strategy will just come back once you go back to your old ways of eating.

Diet is just like exercise, you need to work at it and work at it daily. It also is just like the example above with the runner, you can’t get mad at the scale for what it says if you weren’t putting in the work to reach the desired goal. Most clients are looking at losing fat, if that client is eating 3 McDonalds dbl cheeseburgers 3x a day they can’t expect to have their body fat% change. If a client is looking at gaining muscle and eating 3 McDonalds dbl cheeseburgers 3x a day they can’t be mad when it is fat and not muscle they are putting on. Also if a client is looking at losing fat and under eating and starving themselves they can’t expect to lose fat. Many clients when they first start out have some major changes in their diet from quit drinking pop, eating candy everyday, eating donuts for breakfast, eating fats food, love desserts, skipping meals or any number of other things. Then add in exercising for the first time and you can see some weight loss very fast. As clients get better at eating healthy, exercising regularly to continue losing fat you need to eat correctly for this result. One of the reasons why we start the diet program we do is because the food is healthy, easy and things most people eat daily but importantly it gives your body the fuel and nutrition it needs. What we teach them is the calorie and marco nutrition zone they need to be in for a desired result. If they are looking at gaining muscle and need to eat 3500 calories but only eating 1500 they can’t expect to gain muscle. On the other side if a client is expecting to lose weight and they need to eat 1800 calories to lose fat but are eating 3500 they won’t lose fat. Also the struggle with many is if we have them eating 1800 calories to lose weight many try eating 1200 and exercise more, sadly this is a lot of the diet advice you see or read and the clients always fail at losing fat……why? Because they are starving themselves. Your body doesn’t burn fat in a starvation state and why many people quit diets. It is not because they failed but because the diet failed them. You can not out work a bad diet. A bad diet is many things from over eating to under eating to eating just plan unhealthy foods.

Many times when a person starts with us and has tried every diet that is out there they are shocked that we don’t teach those diets. The reason is they either don’t work or they are not a reasonable life style that you can continue. When people struggle with weight loss many times there is a blame game that occurs. They blame a spouse for buying McDonalds or ice cream, they blame co workers for bringing in donuts on Friday, blame their kids for only liking mac & cheese. One of the easiest things you can do is give someone advice but one of the hardest things is to look into the mirror and give yourself the same advice. This is where accountability comes into any goal and where the goal becomes a success, this is in every aspect of life. If your kids have a school report due next week and they don’t do it, it won’t get done. If you have a project at work with a deadline of next week and you don’t work on it, it won’t get done. These are all obvious things but for a strange reason we don’t expect the same thing when it comes to health, fitness, exercise, diet or any physical goal. For some reason we throw this basic fact out the window and expect things to magically happen when it comes to our fitness goals. I see many reasons for this but the major thing is not holding yourself accountable, you aren’t looking the mirror and being honest. One of the main reasons why we have people track and log food is to help hold yourself accountable. Logging for will never cause you to burn fat or build muscle but it gives you a tool and a breadcrumbs trail to look back at and learn from. Looking in the mirror, reviewing what you did the past week to get the results you got is hard but part of accountability. Learning from each weeks results helps educate you and understand why changes happen or don’t. If you didn’t get the results you were looking for comes another part of accountability. This part is sitting down with us talking about why you got the results you did and us teaching you what you need to adjust to get that result next week.  The following week you have 3 options, do what you did the week before, adjust to what we laid out to change or try something completely different. In all 3 cases you will get another result, that result depends on the choice you made and that result could vary from gaining weight, to losing weight or staying the same. Each time a client or myself step on a scale that scale directly reflects on what you have done the days leading up to that. Part of the accountability here is also accepting and understanding why. Each week is a learning process when you are logging food and striving for a goal but each week you need to adjust your course depending on the result you got.

There are many thing we do with clients to help with this accountability: tracking food, weekly check in, daily check in, journal and more. Once you have a plan for a goal, reaching it becomes simple. Simple but never easy! Each week, each month, each year offers different changes and challenges because that is just life but the reason we teach you the science behind your diet. Many goals don’t happen over night and many take longer than you expect and there often times that there are many unforeseen challenges and learning curves. That is why it is important to have a plan and direction, dedication and consistency and hold yourself accountable to that goal. You might have a goal to accomplish somethings in 6 months but you don’t reach that goal for 9 months, does the extra 3 months really matter? Learning to love the process, and continuing to learn each week is were real change and results happen. It starts with a decision and taking action until that goal is reached. There is no real time frame, just life, and in life you should be learning everyday. I change goals up all the time so I do keep learning because I am the same but also different from who I was 15 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 5 days ago.

We want clients to have a variety of goals set for themselves because it helps and benefits in so many ways to stay on track. When your goal for example is to lose weight only it is easy to get frustrated if you have a week you get sick, busy at work, family in town, big work project, the holiday or whatever come around and you don’t see a change. Vanity is one of the reasons many people want to lose weight but also is the easy reason to give up on. Having other goals like do a push up, run a mile, deadlift your body weight, do a pull up, touch your toes, do 3 new yoga poses, whatever the other goals are doesn’t matter. Those other goals though are other trackable things you can see improvement on. You might not lose 1 lb this week but I did get faster or stronger or more flexible. Everyone of our clients improve in many aspects of overall health a fitness and these minor and major victories each step of the way are many times way more impressive to me the losing 1 lb of fat. All of them take work, effort, dedication and accountability, so make sure to have other goals and celebrate how far you have come in all aspects of your journey of being a stronger, healthier version of yourself!!

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