Becoming Pro! Case Study Guys Addition

Here are 3 extraordinary gentlemen that are part of the Protege Pride! They all have had trials, successes, detours and results in many forms. We want to give a congrats to them and hopefully their story can help inspire you to reach for your goals. We all have an amazing story, keep writing yours gentlemen! 

Case Study: # 78383


Steve Review of us:

I highly recommend this very personable small business. Barb and Scott are great trainers who work with you and keep you motivated in a positive way to get the results you seek. I’m down nearly 90 pounds and keeping it off without the yo-yo of past diets. I am regaining the strength, stamina, and flexibility that have been absent for the last 25+ years while working in an office setting. I am now retired and in awesome shape that I can go to the park and shoot hoops and the ability to enjoy my retirement! They both are amazing teachers and are now working with my son and my father. Both have had back and spine issues, surgeries and injuries, the care and knowledge they are teaching us all is priceless.

Protege Fitness: What we have seen.

It’s been awesome working with Steve and watching him progress to becoming a Pro!!! When Steve started he was still working as a programmer and sitting at a desk all day with a diet that needed to change on many levels. He has been able to take off 90+ with diet change and keep it off!!! The other major things we have seen is his constant change of goals as he progresses! When he started he was not physically able to do a basic body squat, push up, plank, walk a flight of stairs without getting winded, proper posture, shoulder issues, not being able to touch his toes or get up off the floor without assistance to now being able to do lunges, deadlift over 200 lbs, step ups of 18″+, single hand overhead walk and carry with 45+ lbs, high intensity cardio without having to stop for 10 minutes after, 100+ push ups during a 45 minute class, plank for 3+ minutes, playing basketball again, taking our yoga classes and so much more! It is awesome to watch him taking back his health, fitness and life! Congrats Steve!!! Your dedication and consistency has changed your life, keep up the great work!

Case Study #32843


Dave review on us:

I started working with Barb and Scott about 2 years ago and had with other trainers the previous 5+ years. It has been an awesome experience and journey so far working with them and nothing like what I have experienced with past trainers. My goals for exercise when I started was for health and weight loss because I want to to get my pilot license and also for my grandchildren. Since working with them I have really learned and now understand the how’s and why’s of eating for goals and my body’s needs. I have dropped over 80 lbs of fat, I don’t take any medications and I am in amazing health! The weight loss was a major goal so I could get fly and play with my kids but I have accomplished so many other things that I didn’t think were even a possibility when I first started working with them. Barb and Scott both really care about teaching me and all their clients on real nutrition and not just some diet and also their ability to teach proper mechanics for the life long health of their clients. To be able to squat and lunge without knee pain, lift without back pain and fixed my shoulder issues. I drive from White Bear Lake and Hey 96 / 10 can be a headache at times but it is always worth it. I can thank them enough for all they do!  Whatever your age or goal your plan should be to start at Protege Fitness, you will not be disappointed.

Protege Fitness: What we’ve seen

Dave started with us to accomplish several goals and like many of our clients he had worked with a trainer before and knew the importance of hiring the right trainers. We started the first 6 months perfecting his strengths and improving his weaknesses. The first 6 months we really dove into his diet and start teaching him how to fuel his body with the proper carbs, fats and proteins and then how to adjust them to achieve goals. He was able to drop 80+ lbs of fat and keep it off! His body movement and strength have also dramatically improved! It’s so great watching clients increase their health and improve their daily lives! To watch someone go from a limited range of motion and movement to being able to move like they are 20 years younger is so rewarding. Dave started off with just 2 1on1 sessions a week and now has moved to 4 classes a week and cardio on his other days. If Dave isn’t here at 5am during the week it is a shocker he has become a daily Pro and the results show!

Case Study #279268


Bryant’s review:

I started working with Barb and Scott because my dad, mom and sister all do and love it!! I wanted to get back into shape and add muscle, stay lean and get stronger. I had never really lifted weights in the past but always active Motor Cross, snow mobile and always on the move. I had an accident many years ago with a bike jumping and landing on me and sustained several injuries. Scott and Barb were able to work with me to get these issues corrected and teach me ways of keeping myself in top shape. I started training with Scott and hopped into a session with my dad… I lasted about 15 minutes. I started off 2 days a week and then following Scotts plan 2 days by myself. In the first year I went from 140 lbs to 165 lbs and stayed in the 9%-11% body fat range the whole time. I got strong and ripped!! I couldn’t be happier with the level of knowledge I got from them. I know the tools and education I have gotten I will be able to accomplish any goal I set for myself! If you are a guy looking at getting into the best shape of your life come to Protégé Fitness and become a Pro!

What we have seen:

Bryant came in and wanted to add some strength and size. He jumped in right away. We sat down talked food and set up specifics he needed to reach. He trained with me 2-3 days a week and followed out workout plan for 1-2 other days a week. He would text me pictures of almost every meal he ate for the first 6 months. He always came to the gym ready to bust his butt for 30 minutes during our sessions and would do his “homework” for 15-20 minutes after and 2-3 other days a week never missed the planed workout routines that we had laid out for him. It’s been fun watching him go from not knowing what to do to learning what he has to do to accomplish his goal. He has been bitten by the workout “bug” and he rarely goes a week without getting in the gym 4 times a week. Congrats on the results B you put in the work and earned it! Small daily disciplines repeated become huge results in a year!

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