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We have several options for the style of class and times through out the week. (Stay Tuned as our classes will be expanding gain soon)


Restorative Yoga: Restorative yoga is for everyone.  Whether you are a fitness fanatic working out 5 days a week at the gym, an injured athlete looking for some way to move safely, a senior citizen attempting to age more gracefully, pre and postnatal or you want to recover more quickly from your workouts, this class is for you.  Restorative yoga seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional release with the aid of props. The use of props makes it easier for you to relax and heal your body.  Restorative yoga is especially useful when you need to eliminate fatigue and stress that result from your daily activities. Consistent practice of restorative yoga will make your body less vulnerable to stress-related illnesses and help you achieve optimal health.

Yoga Sculpt: When muscle meets yoga, Yoga Sculpt is born. You will boost metabolism and build lean muscle mass as you combine light (1-10 lbs) free weights with yoga sequencing. Yoga Sculpt incorporates cardio exercises and high-intensity interval training to keep your heart healthy and to burn calories. This class is an excellent option and perfect complement to our other fitness classes you might take.  Yoga Sculpt is about becoming stronger in your movements and body control to take your body to the next level! No yoga experience is necessary for this class.  **Disclaimer this is very different than our Restorative Yoga and if you are working through any injuries contact us first for guidance.

Power Yoga:  Power Yoga is an intense workout that will make you sweat. Power Yoga classes move with a faster rhythm of Sun Salutations, traditional Warrior sequences, balance poses, and challenging transitions. It’s great addition to strength training because you lift and hold your body weight constantly. And when it’s all over you will leave feeling energized, calm and with an extra little skip in your step!

*Previous yoga experience is recommended as well as the ability to transition easily from standing to planking. Taking a Restorative Yoga or personal 1on1 session can be a great place to start if you don’t have past yoga experience. If you have questions, please contact the instructor.

**Disclaimer this is very different than our Restorative Yoga and if you are working through any injuries contact us first for guidance.


Your Instructor Geri!

Geraldine is a teacher; it is her calling. She taught Health and Wellness in public schools for 25 years before beginning her second career as a fitness instructor. Her educational career, fitness certifications and personal training experience combined with the teaching of yoga results in well-planned classes accessible to all levels. She is able to meet individual student needs on the fly and create unique modifications when necessary. Geraldine is passionate about self-care and healing through movement and breath practice that is accessible to everybody. She earned her 200RYT credentials at Yoga North studying with Ann Maxwell and Deborah Adele.  She has earned additional certification in Restorative Yoga studying with Judith Lasater, Prenatal Yoga with Sarah Longacre, and Personal Training and Health Coaching with ACE and kettlebell certified.

Having a combined 40 years of teaching with almost 15 years in fitness education and training, she brings a true wealth of knowledge! Once you meet her and take one of her classes you will be hooked and understand why she has such a huge following throughout Minnesota from Grand Rapids to Minneapolis and more. She is a true blessing in many ways to have as part of the Protégé Pride! You will also see her husband Brad in many of her classes. SO come get to know them!


Outside the studio you can find her creating memories with her family and friends in a variety of ways; good meals shared, live music experiences, travel, and watching hockey…yes, she is a hockey fanatic!

Couch to Protege: 8-Week Program!

Join our Pride with the “Couch to Protege” 8-Week Program.

Stop the Yo-Yo Diets and failed New Years Resolutions and finally get the education and results you deserve!

We Only Have 10 spots available to ensure your education and results, so enter your e-mail for more info asap!

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This program is designed to take you from your starting point to a Protégé in 8-weeks! Your starting point could be the couch, the desk chair, post-injury, active lifestyle, athlete or fitness enthusiast who’s looking at improving their fitness level and health.

Becoming a Protege is about giving you the education that will last your lifetime. The knowledge to change your body for fat loss, body composition, fitness level, strength, performance, balance, mobility, health, healing and more! The goal is to be in your 70’s, 80’s and 90s’ and walk up a mountain if you want! Our program is based on your goals and to give you tools to always be in control of your health and fitness goals. Stronger, leaner and healthier!

  1. Corrective stretching, movement, and proper body mechanics.
  2. Mobility, Posture and body alignment
  3. Strength that translates into daily life and makes you the best version of yourself.
  4. Balance and coordination to increase motor function and body control in a real-world environment.
  5. Proper Muscle sequencing to increase overall health, fitness and strength plus bulletproofs you from joint and pain issues.
  6. Endurance and Stamina conditioning so you never have to worry about walking a flight of stairs, chase after a bus, climbing a mountain or if your goals are running a 5k, marathon, Tough Mudder or Spartan Race.
  7. Nutrition Education that is based on fueling your body for optimal health, fat loss, lean muscle mass, body composition and healing.
  8. Food education to learn the science behind the why and how your body reacts to certain foods or diets.
  9. Supplement education based on your specific needs.
  10. Healing education with diet and exercise if you have existing health issues, medications, joint pain, back pain and more.

Our 8-week program is set up for your success and goals in mind. The first 2 weeks you will be working with us 1 on 1 to perfect movement, build your stamina and strength, teach proper mechanics and help work on your specific needs. You have 8-week of unlimited classes that offer a wide range of fitness and health benefits from Kettlebells, Circuits, Yoga, RPMs, Restore, Basics and More!! We have something for all ages and all starting levels! Come join the Protégé Pride!

personal training Lou Age 63

personal training John Age 29

personal training Meg Age 35

We Only Have 10 spots available so enter your email for more info asap!

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personal training Dave Age 52 personal training Bryant Age 28 15750195_10154306199287810_564335310_n Bev Age 70


We Only Have 10 spots available so enter your email for more info asap!

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personal training Melissa Age 36 personal training Ingrid Age 39 personal training Steve Age 57


We Only Have 10 spots available so enter your email for more info asap!

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Come join the Protege Pride and get the results that you deserve that will last a lifetime!!