A Clients Letter:

I was always in pretty good shape, was in the military and worked in the fitness industry on/off in the past. 13 years ago we had a life changing event in our family that brought on depression, emotional eating, and becoming a full time care giver and mom to a 5 year old and a 3 year old. After our 3rd child was born, I gained A LOT more weight than I should have, and 10 years later I was still 50 lbs overweight. 10 month ago we were blessed with our 4th child, and I was weighed down once again with WAY too much weight. It was different this time though, because everything hurt. I couldn’t get off the floor and could barely lift new born child. I was retaining so much water in my legs and feet that I could barely walk and my stomach still looked 6 months pregnant. I hit rock bottom.

I was too embarrassed to come into the gym to work out because I thought people would judge me, because I was SO out of shape. I felt so much shame. So I started walking on my treadmill and doing exercise videos at home. My weight did not budge! One night, completely frustrated, I decided to e-mail Scott and ask him what tests he thought I should have done with my doctor, because something MUST be wrong with me if I can’t lose weight! Scott emailed me back with the nicest e-mail anyone has ever written me. He was compassionate, understanding, gentle and truthful. He convinced me in the e-mail to come in and try a one -on -one session with him. He knew how afraid I was, so we picked a time when no one else would be there.


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My first session was hard, but it felt GREAT! I had forgot how well my body reacted to a good hard workout! I had worked with many other trainers before, but something was different this time. My body responded almost instantly! Plus, I felt like I belonged. I felt understood, And something in me said, “This is IT, you will finally meet your goals here!” My energy went through the roof over the next few weeks as I trained with Scott 2-3 times a week. On week 3, Thanksgiving day, Scott told me to come in at my normal time. I could not believe he took clients on a holiday, and I had a houseful of guests coming for Thanksgiving dinner, but I was committed and went in. I could not believe the atmosphere, the music, the energy! EVERYONE was there, training with smiles! I wanted to cry ( and I am pretty sure that i did cry) because it was that moment that I felt part of something, part of a FAMILY, a family that looked out for me and encouraged me to not give up! That day, we ended my workout with a quick session with Barb, one of the trainers. She taught me how to do a Turkish get-up. BOOM! Goal #1 met! I could get off the floor! I will never forget that day!

Scott and Barb not only trained me but they taught me how to eat again. In the past I was queen of quick fix diets: cabbage soup diet, Atkins diet, weight watchers, low calorie, low fat, low carb….etc, etc, The first thing Scott had me do was start eating food! He said I was starving my body. I was afraid I would gain weight. He would always respond with , “Trust the system”. Okay. I did. And I am SO glad I did! Scott not only taught me how to eat to nourish my body and lose weight, but to control pain in my joints and swelling in my legs!

After about a month, Scott convinced me that I was ready to join the Saturday morning kettlebell class. I was hooked and now my weekends are always started with that class. It is not only a great workout but the class is fun! I laugh so much in class! How awesome is that?! Now I take several classes a week and just love all the different style options but also that every class is different and challenging. I always leave a class exhausted but also exuberated! Each I class I learn something new or do something I haven;t been able to do before! 

It has been 5 months since I sent that e-mail to Scott. In those 5 months I have lost 4 sizes, lost 26lbs of fat and gained 15 lbs of muscle. I can not only get off the floor but I can do a 60 minute kettlebell class, without missing a beat. I have gained confidence, stamina, energy, and a new fitness family with some amazing new friends! It is lifechanging!

If I could say something to someone thinking of coming to join the Protégé Pride I would say, ” Do yourself a favor, just come in for 1 week of free training”, that’s all. Because once you come in and experience the best of the best, you will know, like I did, that this place is different, it feels different and it feels right. You WILL meet your goals here, and you will not do it alone because when you join Protege Fitness you join a fitness family in a no-judgement zone!

I have not met all my goals yet, but I have no doubt in the next year I will. And I will love every single step of the way, every single workout, every single entry into my food journal, because I have made the lifestyle change and it feels GREAT!


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