Detox and Fasting: Fat loss cure or myth?

I get asked all the time from people about if they should try this new “detox”, “cleanse” or “fasting” diet. I have lots of mixed feelings when I am asked this questions because I know the person asking me is struggling to lose weight or just not feeling very healthy. They are willing to try anything and believe anything because so many other diets have failed them and they don’t know what to do. Detox, cleanse and fasting are different things but sometimes get lumped together in the same program or general idea.

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Let start with fasting. Fasting has been done through out history and for many reasons from health, healing, religious and spiritual beliefs. Many people that are asking me about fasting they are looking it at for weight loss and that is why I want to talk about this. If you fast for religious and spiritual beliefs that is awesome! If you are doing it for health or healing reasons that is great also. (There is a small % of the population that need to do this and it is because of a major health issue.)  Now lets touch base on the reason people ask me about fasting…weight loss. There are many fasting diet programs out their and new ones come along all the time but do they work?? The most simple answer is yes it causes weight loss. But is it healthy? The simple answer is no. Yes you have weight loss but it is not fat loss and that goes against everything I try to teach people. In a fast you are starving yourself so the scale weight you lose is muscle mass. Also extended fast can cause health issues also from fatigue, heart palpatations, headache, dizzyness are major ones. Some of the common ones are just sugar water diets that put you in a severe calorie deficit and also nutrition deficit. Now one thing I do myself on occasion is intermittent fasting and I will right an article on this shortly. Intermittent fasting is for 12-16 hours only and does have many health benefits but again I do not do it for fat loss but health reasons.


Every year i have a client or someone I know that has several office co workers all to do a fast together. I advise the people that ask me about it not to do and why and also to let me know how everyone did. I get the same report every time…. day 1 everyone was down a cpl of pounds…after the 3rd day some are down as much as 7-10 lbs everyone stops and can’t make it past day 4 or 5. (If you are living your normal life style you need calories for energy, you need nutrition to function properly) within 3 days after the fast everyone gained all the weight back and some gained extra. Fasting for fat loss doesn’t work.

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Now on to detoxing. You hear about detoxing diets all the time but do they work? Now there are some medical protocols for major health and medical reasons and you should be supervised by a doctor when doing these. 99% of the people that ask about detoxing though or that I know have done them have done them for weight loss or general health. The truth is our bodies naturally detox and if it didn’t we all would not have lasted this long. Most of the detox books and diets out there are just trying to make money of you. Some of these detox plans are more like fasting so I won;t get into them. The others are normally $100s -$1000s of dollars and aren’t worth the cost. Now if you have tried a detox and felt better during it, lost eight because of it or got some other benefit from it I think that is awesome! The reason I don’t think they are worth the money or time is because many of the benefits you got are more because you changed your eating habits and actually gave your body some nutrition that it needed. I have talked with many people and clients that have tried detoxes in the past with some having some positive effects during it but all of them have the same exact aftermath….they are right back to when they started. Many people try a detox because they are again trying to get healthier, feel better or lose weight……you don;t need to spend $100s-$1000s of dollars to do this. You can do this by learning to eat correctly and fuel you body correctly. I am going to give a cpl extreme examples if you are eating one meal a day and it is fast food but then you go to a detox plan and start putting nutrition into your body several times a day…yes you are going to feel better. Also during these detox plans many people stop eating all the other junk most people eat daily from high sugar foods, fast food, processed foods…..if you just stopped eating those things and start eating real food you will get the same results without spending the money for the detox.

The same goes with many of the elimination diets and 30 day challenges that you see out there. Many are founded with great goals and good principles in mind and can sometimes jump start you down the path of chagning habits and getting your body working better but many fail again with really teaching you the improtance of correct balance of nutrition. When we work with clients we teach you many of these principles but we add in the education to feed and fuel your body correctly as well. When you work with your diet from all angles from correct nutrition, energy balance, importance of macro and micro nutrition your body thrives!! We educate you on these principles to get our clients amazing results in fast loss and a healthy strong body!

Now with that being said there are things you can add to your daily routine that add health benefits that get your body working better and more efficiently from herbs,vitamins, minerals and specific foods that help with your bodies natural processes. You can get your liver, kidneys, intestinal track, organs and more to work better. When Barb was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis she didn’t do a fast or detox she had to go on a very specific natural food diet to correct pain and inflammation, she had to learn to eat to heal herself. Learning to eat real food for real results is the only way, otherwise you will just fall back into your old habits of eating and go right back where you started. Feel free to reach out to us if you are struggling with your goals, we are here to help.


If we work with foods that naturally get your body to work properly and have additional health benefits and then add in correct macro and micro nutrition with real foods you can start feeling better and getting the results that you have struggled with.

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