Executive Program

Our Executive Program was designed for the busy business professional! Many business professionals and business owners have limited time to fit in workouts everyday so we have options to help work around this problem. We have early morning classes, evening classes, or your lunch break sessions! Our Executive lunch break are very popular as they allow you to get in the office early and then get your workout in before your lunch meeting and providing that energy boost and mental focus to finish the day strong!

As business owners ourselves we understand the hectic schedule as we start our days at 5am and end at 7pm or later. If we didn’t schedule our workouts like a business meeting we wouldn’t make them either. So we have times slots of Pride group sessions and also 1on1 times to schedule your meeting at Protege Fitness!

As we get older our health and fitness start to drop at a significantly fast. The importance of keeping your health and fitness high is so important to reduce stress of the day, clear your mind or just break up your day with a good sweat. Our clients that are busy professionals and start the Executive Program wonder how they even got through a day in the past once they start to feel the energy and mental boost from these workouts. Join the Pride and make your work days more productive! This program is designed to help you one the path of health and fitness. We all know that our health is the most important asset we own! Lets make that asset better, lets make you more productive lets take your health to the next level to improve every aspect of your life and career!

This program also includes our Nutrition Science Program for FREE!! This program teaches you how to fuel your body with the energy and nutrition to increase your overall health and wellness! If you also have goals of weight loss burning fat is side effect of the exercise and nutrition program!! We also will teach you many diet strategies to help achieve and goal you might have!!