We are celebrating you today, for the amazing woman you are!



Being a mom and wife is one of the most important jobs (and difficult ones) and without you we would be nothing.

Even though we might not always express it, you get more special to each of us everyday!

Each day you go out of your way for us and we are so grateful for all you do and everything you are!



We are so blessed beyond belief that you are our mother!

I am so honored and blessed that you are my wife!



Thank you for always loving us and letting us know that you will always be there as a guiding light to support us.


We want to celebrate YOU and one of our gifts is time just for you!


Happy Birthday Mom, We Love You!!!


Josiah, Eliana, Soloman and Nick



You have 2 months of unlimited classes at Protege Fitness!

You also are enrolled in Protege 21 Day Jump Start Program (Click link below to learn more about program)

Barb and Scott are just waiting to hear from you!