Help!! I need Accountability

At Protege Fitness we try to educate all of our clients on my aspects of health, fitness and diet. When we first start with clients we set a plan of action and direction to have them start to take to reach their goals. If you don’t have a plan for any goal, it is just a dream. Some of the steps we have them take is logging food and setting a specific workout routine to adhere to and start tracking their results. Clients come in for many reasons: weight loss, rehab, education, performance, healing and so much more. If a client comes to us and want so run their first full marathon and have never even done a 5k, there a lot of steps to take (no pun intended). If that client has 4 months to get to that level, we will lay out a plan for them to follow to reach that goal. If the first week they are supposed to run 1 mile 5x that week and they only do 1 mile 1x. They won;t be able to progress to the second week of 2 miles 5x the second week. Let say the second week they only do 1 mile again only 1x, do you expect them the 3rd week to be able to go out and run 3 miles 5x a week. If by the 4th week they are supposed to run 5 miles 3x that week do you think they will be able run 5 miles? How about 5 miles 3x? Most likely not. If they continue to only run 1 mile 1x a week for the 4 months will they ever be ready for the full marathon of 23 miles? Why? As you read this, you all know it is because they aren’t following through on the fitness routine laid out. Each week that mile is going to be awful and feel like the first time doing 1 because there is not consistency or follow through on the plan

As a client goals and plans change all the time and they should so you are always progressing. If you need to reset your goals and start a new plan let us know and we will set a time to do so.

You are our Protege’s and we are your mentors/teachers and our goal is to give you that plan to follow to reach any goal you are looking for! Setting the plan is the easy thing to do as a client and your trainer, the hard part comes after that. Someone looking to reach any goal needs that plan laid out so you can take action towards that goal. Taking action is the next huge step that needs to happen. This can be about exercise or diet, any action or lack there of directly effects the out comes. The client above training for a marathon can’t look back at the 4 months and say: “I ran 1 mile each week why wasn’t I ready for the full marathon! I’m worthless! I’m not good enough! The plan didn’t work! This running program is a sham!” None of those things are true. Did the plan fail? No! Did the client fail? No! The actions that were taken gave the end results. This is not a failure but a learning experience. Making that mental shift from failure to learn experience is key in everything in life. All to often we don’t get a desired result but rarely is from taking action!

When it comes to diet plans for clients we start most clients off on a program that teaches them life long health, weight loss and management. This diet education also is based to give you many other results from reducing and removing inflammation, losing fat, fueling your muscles, fueling your organs, hormone control and more. This program also teaches you how to eat for the rest of your life, there really is no reason to give you a crash diet that causes scale weight to come off but add fat,lose muscle and screw up your hormones. Once clients have this down we teach lots of other diet strategies from ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting, microbiome gut health, pain and inflammation relief, fat shred and more. We don’t start with many of these strategies because if you don’t know how to eat for health all the weight you would lose with a any diet strategy will just come back once you go back to your old ways of eating.

Diet is just like exercise, you need to work at it and work at it daily. It also is just like the example above with the runner, you can’t get mad at the scale for what it says if you weren’t putting in the work to reach the desired goal. Most clients are looking at losing fat, if that client is eating 3 McDonalds dbl cheeseburgers 3x a day they can’t expect to have their body fat% change. If a client is looking at gaining muscle and eating 3 McDonalds dbl cheeseburgers 3x a day they can’t be mad when it is fat and not muscle they are putting on. Also if a client is looking at losing fat and under eating and starving themselves they can’t expect to lose fat. Many clients when they first start out have some major changes in their diet from quit drinking pop, eating candy everyday, eating donuts for breakfast, eating fats food, love desserts, skipping meals or any number of other things. Then add in exercising for the first time and you can see some weight loss very fast. As clients get better at eating healthy, exercising regularly to continue losing fat you need to eat correctly for this result. One of the reasons why we start the diet program we do is because the food is healthy, easy and things most people eat daily but importantly it gives your body the fuel and nutrition it needs. What we teach them is the calorie and marco nutrition zone they need to be in for a desired result. If they are looking at gaining muscle and need to eat 3500 calories but only eating 1500 they can’t expect to gain muscle. On the other side if a client is expecting to lose weight and they need to eat 1800 calories to lose fat but are eating 3500 they won’t lose fat. Also the struggle with many is if we have them eating 1800 calories to lose weight many try eating 1200 and exercise more, sadly this is a lot of the diet advice you see or read and the clients always fail at losing fat……why? Because they are starving themselves. Your body doesn’t burn fat in a starvation state and why many people quit diets. It is not because they failed but because the diet failed them. You can not out work a bad diet. A bad diet is many things from over eating to under eating to eating just plan unhealthy foods.

Many times when a person starts with us and has tried every diet that is out there they are shocked that we don’t teach those diets. The reason is they either don’t work or they are not a reasonable life style that you can continue. When people struggle with weight loss many times there is a blame game that occurs. They blame a spouse for buying McDonalds or ice cream, they blame co workers for bringing in donuts on Friday, blame their kids for only liking mac & cheese. One of the easiest things you can do is give someone advice but one of the hardest things is to look into the mirror and give yourself the same advice. This is where accountability comes into any goal and where the goal becomes a success, this is in every aspect of life. If your kids have a school report due next week and they don’t do it, it won’t get done. If you have a project at work with a deadline of next week and you don’t work on it, it won’t get done. These are all obvious things but for a strange reason we don’t expect the same thing when it comes to health, fitness, exercise, diet or any physical goal. For some reason we throw this basic fact out the window and expect things to magically happen when it comes to our fitness goals. I see many reasons for this but the major thing is not holding yourself accountable, you aren’t looking the mirror and being honest. One of the main reasons why we have people track and log food is to help hold yourself accountable. Logging for will never cause you to burn fat or build muscle but it gives you a tool and a breadcrumbs trail to look back at and learn from. Looking in the mirror, reviewing what you did the past week to get the results you got is hard but part of accountability. Learning from each weeks results helps educate you and understand why changes happen or don’t. If you didn’t get the results you were looking for comes another part of accountability. This part is sitting down with us talking about why you got the results you did and us teaching you what you need to adjust to get that result next week.  The following week you have 3 options, do what you did the week before, adjust to what we laid out to change or try something completely different. In all 3 cases you will get another result, that result depends on the choice you made and that result could vary from gaining weight, to losing weight or staying the same. Each time a client or myself step on a scale that scale directly reflects on what you have done the days leading up to that. Part of the accountability here is also accepting and understanding why. Each week is a learning process when you are logging food and striving for a goal but each week you need to adjust your course depending on the result you got.

There are many thing we do with clients to help with this accountability: tracking food, weekly check in, daily check in, journal and more. Once you have a plan for a goal, reaching it becomes simple. Simple but never easy! Each week, each month, each year offers different changes and challenges because that is just life but the reason we teach you the science behind your diet. Many goals don’t happen over night and many take longer than you expect and there often times that there are many unforeseen challenges and learning curves. That is why it is important to have a plan and direction, dedication and consistency and hold yourself accountable to that goal. You might have a goal to accomplish somethings in 6 months but you don’t reach that goal for 9 months, does the extra 3 months really matter? Learning to love the process, and continuing to learn each week is were real change and results happen. It starts with a decision and taking action until that goal is reached. There is no real time frame, just life, and in life you should be learning everyday. I change goals up all the time so I do keep learning because I am the same but also different from who I was 15 years ago, 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 5 days ago.

We want clients to have a variety of goals set for themselves because it helps and benefits in so many ways to stay on track. When your goal for example is to lose weight only it is easy to get frustrated if you have a week you get sick, busy at work, family in town, big work project, the holiday or whatever come around and you don’t see a change. Vanity is one of the reasons many people want to lose weight but also is the easy reason to give up on. Having other goals like do a push up, run a mile, deadlift your body weight, do a pull up, touch your toes, do 3 new yoga poses, whatever the other goals are doesn’t matter. Those other goals though are other trackable things you can see improvement on. You might not lose 1 lb this week but I did get faster or stronger or more flexible. Everyone of our clients improve in many aspects of overall health a fitness and these minor and major victories each step of the way are many times way more impressive to me the losing 1 lb of fat. All of them take work, effort, dedication and accountability, so make sure to have other goals and celebrate how far you have come in all aspects of your journey of being a stronger, healthier version of yourself!!

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