Pitfall: Win the game!



Pitfall the video game

:Scott Kratochvil


Who has played the game Pitfall? Super Mario Brothers? QBert? Pac-Man? I’m guessing most of you have. If not youtube them and get some awesome high quality 8-bit greatness!!

Why am I writing about these video games?

Fitness is like these games lots of times. Huh?

When we are working with clients we set goals. (Yeah so! Everyone sets goals!) After we set goals we set a plan of attack. If you set a goal without a plan it is just a dream. Imagine that it’s December and you live in Minnesota. (Sorry for the nightmare for some of you) You and several friend decide to do a road trip to Key West and you have to pick up 1 friend in Chicago and 1 in New York City and then head to Key West and you have never been to any of the places. Would you do this trip without a map? Without directions? Without GPS? Without a cell phone?

HECK NO!! You would never reach your destination. You would never reach your goal.

That is why when we set goals with clients we set our plans as well.

One of the first things we talk about is Pitfall. Why you ask! Good questions because life is just like the game. There are water hazards, scorpions, alligators, fires everywhere but if you see them coming and know how to avoid them you can survive. “Pitfalls” are the single most reason people don’t accomplish their goal. The pitfall isn’t the reason though, the not planning for the pitfall or being prepared for the pitfall is. If every Friday at work the office has all you can eat doughnuts, you know this is coming. If you have a family gathering, you know this is coming. If you have a social event, you know this is coming. You plan your fitness and diet and around these pitfalls so you don’t fall into them. You plan on them and learn how to avoid these situations throwing off your goal.  Yes there are times that you still won’t make it perfectly through every time but the goal is to get better and better at avoiding the mistakes.

Just like these video games they have a pattern and you can learn to avoid the mistakes. You can learn when to jump, when to duck, when to swing or when to wait. There are youtube videos of people completing the whole game in minutes. They can do this because they have learned the patterns of the game. In doing this they reach the end goal in minutes rather than hours. We can teach you to learn these patterns and help reach your goal in months rather than years.


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