Are you expecting or planning on having a baby? First things first, check with your health care provider. It used to be said that it wasn’t safe to exercise when you were pregnant, however, it is now known that exercising up to 30-minutes a day before and during pregnancy has so many benefits, here are just a few:

 You may gain less weight, of course you need to gain weight to have a healthy baby, however, research shows that women who exercised regularly gained on average, 7-fewer pounds than those who did not. Eating enough calories during your pregnancy, especially while working out is important. Learning to eat correctly before you become pregnant will help those habits follow through your whole pregnancy, which will help both you and your new baby.

 Exercising while you are pregnant is not about playing contact sports, however, working with a personal trainer who can guide you through your exercise plan, and make sure your are using proper movements throughout will also help you maintain your balance and stability as your body goes through so many changes.

 No guarantees, of course, but having a strong core and having a fit cardiovascular system may help make that labor and delivery faster and easier.

 With so many changes happening so fast with your body as you grow little fingers and toes inside of you, it is important to know how to go through each stage. You will need to: warm-up before working out, not just jump in, you need to increase your heart rate slowly, and have the body ready for movement to avoid muscle and ligament strain. You need to drink water before, during and after exercising to avoid becoming dehydrated which can lead to a reduced amount of blood reaching the placenta, dehydration can also increase your risk of over heating and lead to contractions. You need to know when you can no longer lie flat on your back during your exercise.

 The list goes on, however, working with personal trainers who have helped several women before, during, and after delivery, and communicating with your doctor as you go through your pregnancy, can help ensure safe activity and a healthy baby.

 Creating these habits before becoming pregnant can help you keep your energy up, and maintain working out safely during your pregnancy.