PX3 Program

Our PX3 Program is designed to get you the best results with limited time. This program takes our scientific approach to making you the strongest version of yourself and losing fat as quickly as possible. The PX3 program is designed for clients on a weekly time crunch and can’t make it into Protege 4+ times a week but get you amazing results with only 3 days a week. Our Pride sessions of Pro-Circuit, Kettlebells, RPMs and Pro-Punch all are designed and time slotted to fit into everybody’s abilities and time schedules. This program was born from seeing clients that got the best results averaged 3.5 days a week. Joining the Pride on the PX3 program gets you into 3 classes a week that will challenge you, push you and bring you to new heights and achievements and help you reach goals of fat loss, conditioning, becoming a better version of yourself and more!!!!


With the PX3 Program you also receive our Nutrition Science Program for FREE!!! While the workouts take your body to the next level the NS Program fuels your body to achieve your results and goals!!! You also will have access to Protege Open Gym option to come in and workout on your own as you see fit!! We will build you specialized programs for you to follow. These individualized programs will center on perfecting your strengths and practicing your weaknesses to make you more effective, more efficient and increase the benefits in our Pride sessions!


This Program will take you to levels that you didn’t know you could reach without spending everyday and hours in the gym!! Work smarter not longer!! Come join the Pride!!!