The scale, skinny fat and malnutrition.

Scott Kratochvil 12/28/2016

I have written about why I don’t give clients diets but teach them the science behind eating right and for their goals. Read here:

They learn how to accomplish the goal that they are truly after. Many clients start with the idea of I want to be “random number” on the scale. As we work together they might hit that number and they might not. But the reason is not what you might think. They have an idea of what they want to look like physically and they think if they hit this “random number” that they will look this way. 9 out of 10 times when a client starts paying attention to the body fat % and not just the scale and they start to lose fat and not just scale weight the first “random number” that they wanted to weigh is now not correct. The scale is only part of the equation, body fat % is a more important and larger part, knowing your lean body mass, healthy structural fat and bad unhealthy unwanted body fat are the biggest parts you want to pay attention to.



Many diets, programs, detox or other fitness marketing tools just cause a first initial scale weight drop. Again this is normally mostly muscle, organs and healthy tissue and not the fat you want. This is where the term skinny fat started. You are dieting and starving your muscles, your body won’t burn fat and holds on to it to survive. So you never truly accomplish the weight and look the way you want to look. When you come off whatever program/diet you were doing and eating the way you have in the past the scale goes back up but now your scale is up and your body fat % is worse and you have lost muscle, damaged your bodies internal workings as well. This becomes your bodies never ending cycle and you thinking you are getting healthier each time.

I have trained wrestlers and fighters and many of these people can drop 10-20 pounds of scale weight in 1-4 days to weigh in to a fight. If you see before and after pictures of weigh in do they look that different?? No they don’t…because the 10-20 they lost is the density and strength of their muscle and water. In 4-18 hours they put it all back on. The goal for many of you is to lose fat but you are doing exactly what these clients are doing but a drawn out time frame. You will hear fighters and also people starting a new diet to drop weight often say “IT’s just water weight”. Think about what you are saying there…fighters know how bad that is and why they know how to add those pounds back on in a healthy way and fast.

It’s just water weight so what did you lose????


Fat is 30% water. So the”It just water weight” is really saying I just dehydrated every major healthy part of me.

The other big thing about not learning to eat right is malnutrition. When your body doesn’t get the calories, marco nutrition, micro nutrition it needs you not only lose muscle but healthy structural tissue, organs and start shutting down hormone production and body functions. The hard part for a lot of people to realize when they are doing these crash diets, detoxes, eat less and less, not eating for your bodies needs, starving yourself you are doing lots of damage. The following picture is of actor Christian Bale in 2 of his roles. The scary thing is many diet programs and diets you have been on have been destroying your body like the picture on the left. You might still have a layer of fat over you but internally you are doing the same things as the picture and outcome on the left. The good thing is you didn’t stay on the diet for as long as Christian Bale had to so he could reach this level of unhealthiness. Everyone always will go on a huge binge before things get to bad. You can read about that here:


That is why we always teach you to feed your body properly to become as healthy as possible. If your goal is to lose weight and become healthier you should stop paying attention to the scale and pay attention to your fat loss. The scale can be a great tool but also a great enemy.


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