Silver Pride

We have many clients that are in the age of 55+ years young and have found us because of a great need! There are many options for fitness and exercise out there but when you really look at them how many are actually beneficial to your needs? Do you need to be doing fitness programs that are designed for 20-35 year olds? Should you really be flipping tires? Should you be doing high repetitions of kicks and punches? Should you be doing your normal stroll through the random machines like always have with out success? Should you be taking classes taught by instructors that have only an 8 hour course of education? We know you deserve better!

Our Silver Pride clientele take a wide range of different options from 1on1 sessions to many of Pride group sessions like Pro-basics, 3 different yoga options and more!!! We design programming for you!!! Learn how to become mobile again, pain free again and a stronger healthier version of yourself. Health and fitness is the fountain of youth we all seek! As we age we can start to lose strength, endurance, stamina, the ability to get to the floor and back up. This program was designed for people who have either been active their whole life and looking at improving but doing the things you did when you were younger just aren’t working anymore. This program is also great for the client that doesn’t have a fitness background at all. All clients we start you at your beginning and build a invidualized program to make you a healthier and stronger version of yourself!

This program also includes our Nutrition Science Program for FREE!! This program teaches you how to fuel your body with the energy and nutrition to increase your overall health and wellness! If you also have goals of weight loss burning fat is side effect of the exercise and nutrition program!! We also will teach you many diet strategies to help achieve and goal you might have!!

Come join our Silver Pride Program now!