The Werewolf and Diet


The Werewolf and Diet

:Scott Kratochvil 10/17/2016

Have you ever watched a werewolf movie? Yes! We all have at some point and if you haven’t you still get a very vivid picture in your mind of one. Now think of that vivid picture of the werewolf, what does it look like? Huge, strong, never stopping animal. Look at its face, snarling with teeth sweating and dripping drool. Now thinking about what the werewolf represents. Uncontrollable primal aggression. No think about the story of the werewolf. A human “cursed” that on the full moon it turns into this unstoppable, primal, strong, never stopping beast that will attack even the person’s closest relationships and destroy the world around it.

So what does this have to do with Protégé Fitness and diet you ask?

Think in your past when you were on a diet. Did you feel cursed? Did you feel like you didn’t have control? Were you worried that if you saw a pizza or a doughnut or ice cream or bacon cheeseburger or nachos or gummy bears or the many other favorite trigger foods that you would lose all control and just attack that food? The answer to this is 100% yes. We all struggle with this at times. This is why diets fail. They curse you and starve you until you turn into your werewolf.

How do you break free from this curse?

Number one thing we teach people is how to put a silver bullet in this werewolf. How do we teach this??? We don’t teach a diet!!! I have never met a person that failed their diet but everyone I have met their diet has failed them. Starting a diet, you are setting yourself up for failure because diets starve you, deprive you and don’t bend but break when life happens.

Why else do diets fail? They don’t teach you anything! They don’t help you understand why you doing certain things. The don’t give you the tools to make a life style change. They don’t bend they only break. Once the diet is broken you go right back to what you have always done and the weight comes back and you have to start all over again. I know this vicious cycle all too well. I was on my first diet in first grade and did this horrible back and forth until in my 20s and started to learn the science behind not just diet but the science behind the why and how your body works.

We teach the why, when and how of your body and start to make diet changes to cause the fat loss reaction and give you the tools to make life style choices and change. We give you the education that allows you to know how to accomplish your goals now and for the rest of your life. We can’t lose the weight for you but we can teach how to lose it. We can’t make sure 2 lbs come off every week but we teach you so you understand why your body reacted a certain way in a certain week. We do is walk with you during this process and help and support you to make those life style choices, understand why things went right, understand why things went wrong. Doing this makes you never fail!! You only win or learn!


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