As a trainer I had to look in the mirror!

Scott Kratochvil 12/28/2016

I have been in the fitness industry for almost 15 years and have had 1000’s of clients over the years. Clients all have different goals, situations, life styles and/or health issues. After a cpl years in the industry I made a decision and change to the how/what/when/why of teaching diet. When I first started I didn’t care if my clients were becoming healthy….all I cared about was that they lost weight. Well what’s the problem with that?? I had to look in the mirror and make a decision. I had been over weight the majority of life from as far as I could remember until I was in my mid 20’s. All those years of trying diet, after diet, after diet, after diet, after diet and always going back to gaining weight was tough on my body and even more so on my mind and self-image. The decision I made was to teach my clients not a diet but the science behind their bodies. I would show them a new life style. I would show them a path to reach their goals and get off the up/ down roller coaster if they wanted to learn and change.

I can get 8 out of 10 people to lose 1-5+ lbs in one week… even you reading this. Follow this diet.M1) 2 hard boiled eggs / M2) Apple / M3) 4oz chicken ½ cup broccoli / M4) 4oz tuna with celery / M5) 4oz tilapia/ M6)scoop of proteinEat those 6 meals every day for the next 7 days and drink only water or black coffee. You will lose 1-5lbs.Or try thisM1) Your “magical $150 a month” protein shake / M2) Your “magical $150 a month” protein shake / M3) 6oz Chicken / 1 cup broccoliYes you will lose 1-5+ pounds off the scale in 7 days or less!! But where did this get you??? What did this do to you?

It got your scale to move…yes… but what actually happened? Scale went down body fat goes up, which means lean body mass lost. And??? That means you are in worse shape than when you started….you lost muscle and gained fat!!! This is how a lot of places/companies get you to keep spending your money on their products / services. Go to Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, pay some online new diet plan or any other place that gives you a point system and you will basically be getting the first diet. Follow the diet plan in this months “Fit Magazine”.Order premade foods shipped to your door and again you will be getting the first diet. Pay $100s of dollars a month for some companies “magical protein shake” and $100s more on their supplement line and you basically get diet number 2.

All over the place you see marketing like this:

10lbsweek1  10lbsweek

Or other ways of marketing with before and after pictures with 20 lbs lost in 4 weeks. I ask 20 lbs of what did you lose? I see tons of this and many of the after pics look like the same person with very little body composition change. Working with 1000s of clients over the years I know from experience if you are losing 20+ lbs in 4-6 weeks you aren’t losing just fat but just as much muscle if not more. You aren’t getting healthier but weaker and worse shape.

Where do you get with these??? Absolutely nowhere! Why do you think you see the same celebrities year after year after year endorsing the same products? They keep gaining the weight back. Yes you might see some quick results….this is how they hook you. Let’s really look at this. You lose 4 lbs the first week, you lose 2 lbs the second week, you lose 4 lbs the third week…..You have lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks!! Awesome. When I have seen people do this the average is 4 lbs of fat lost and 6 pounds of muscle lost in those 3 weeks. So what begins to happen is you are losing precious muscle and calorie burning strength/ endurance. Plus with eating these ways you are killing your hormones, especially hormones that burn FAT. So your results will start to slow down greatly from here on out until they grind to a complete stand still. Now the next week you don’t see results or worse you start gaining the weight back and you get really frustrated. Then a bad week at work comes along and you go completely off the plan and gain 3-6 lbs back….this is all fat and no muscle. So after 4-5 weeks you have lost 6-8 lbs of muscle and now gained 6-8lbs of fat. Your weight is right back where you started but your body fat has gone up by 6-8lbs. In other words you are now in worse shape than when you started. (On top of that vicious cycle….can you actually imagine living / eating like either of those diets for the rest of your life?) So you give up! A couple months later you decide to start again and you go back to the exact same plan……why??? Because you saw the scale change the first couple weeks so you think that was the correct way of doing things and you keep repeating this cycle over and over again and each time keep losing muscle and gaining fat. How do I know this?? I did this for years to myself until I learned the science of eating. I did this with my clients to get them instant results. I looked in the mirror because I couldn’t do this to clients anymore, as I knew the horrible process it was inside and out, physically and mentally. Clients would come to me to help them become healthy and lose weight, I wasn’t doing that my first cpl years in the industry. So I would get clients instant results they would be on cloud nine… then the inevitable would happen and they would gain the weight back. They would be defeated. Many would have a hard time trying again because they felt ashamed. We have new clients every month that start with us that have failed over and over again and are at the end of their ropes. They feel ashamed, defeated and a failure….. none of them have ever failed but their diets failed them. All of them have just never been taught how to truly change….. a change for life. 

That is why the scale is an enemy for lots of people. They give it power so if the scale drops they think that means success. If it goes up they think that means failure. When we track numbers with clients we track fat loss and body fat %. When we post about clients results we always say fat lost or body fat % lost. These numbers are the key to getting healthier, better, stronger and a leaner version of yourself.

fatloss2 fatloss4

These diets cause weight loss yes but they also cause many side effects that you don’t want because you are losing muscle. When you do this it also causes a situation termed “skinny fat”. Which like the picture above you might be 130 lbs but body fat % is way different, the way you look is way different and your health is way different. Losing your muscle mass also will shut down hormones, causes medical conditions or make current ones worse.

When I looked in the mirror I decided even if I didn’t get a client instant results it was more important to teach them the science of how to lose weight and keep if off for life. Do all clients succeed? No but I know I gave them tools to do so. Even if they haven’t reached their goals in weight loss everyone has left stronger and healthier. Maybe they now can do a 5k, a pull up, squat 2X their body weight, do a perfect push up, left being able to do more than they ever thought possible. As much as I care about each and every client I can’t be with them 24hrs a day and I can’t force them to change…they have to take those steps. I have clients that have been with me over 10 years because they are stronger, healthier and are always learning something new with their fitness/ health. There is always something more to learn in your health / fitness and always new goals. Getting healthy, fit and strong is a life style change…not a 1-3 month diet… it’s not a 30min workout 1-2X a week….It’s a lifestyle change.

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