Wedding Party

Wedding Programs

We are here to help you have the best big day of your life!! Are you a Bride or Groom that has the BIG day coming up??!! Do you want to look and feel the best you can for that day? Let us help!! Our Wedding Program is ala carte to give you flexible options for times and finances. This program is to help you lose unwanted fat and tone up to look good in your gown or tux.

You get to pick and choose between 1on1 sessions, Pride group sessions or set a time slot for you and your wedding party!

You will receive our individualized programs to give you the best results in the shortest time! These programs consist of working out here at Protégé but also programs to do from home.

You also receive our Nutrition Science Program FREE to deliver maximum results. We will teach how to take the fat of fast and correctly so you can keep it off! We will also teach you several diet strategies to strip fat off even faster. Learning how to take it off the right way and also strategies to take it off fast not only gets you in the best shape of your life for your biggest day but it also will give you the tools to keep it for life!!!


We offer a Bridal Party discount group rate!!!

**Limited time specials so act now!!! Bride is Free with 2 or more Bridesmaids or Groom is Free with 2 or more Groomsmen. You all have been a special part of each other’s life so do something together for this special day!