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Barb is a lifelong fitness enthusiast, always pushing herself and trying out new workouts. And when she first learned about Russian kettlebells she was hooked. While becoming certified, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis out of nowhere. Learning how to eat right helped her overcome debilitating pain and become Level I and II Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) certified.  Completed Strong First kettlebell certification in 2021.

Barb focuses on teaching proper form to keep her clients injury free, watching them grow in confidence and strength. She gets people excited about pushing themselves to the next level.

Barb takes the guesswork out of fitness by teaching clients proper form and how to eat right, making it easier to put in the work each day. Fitness and wellness aren’t quick fixes; they are lifelong commitments. Barb maintains a comfortable environment where you can have fun while making positive changes in your life!


Massage Therapist

Brenda’s passion is natural healing through massage. Massage can have many positive effects on our health by reducing pain and relieving stress. A massage therapy graduate of 2008, she has years of experience with the Protege Fitness family. With a variety of techniques, she strives to make each client’s experience a positive one. 

Brenda enjoys being outside in the sunshine, working out, gardening, spending time with her family and two cats, Frankie and Freckles.


Specialty: Chiropractic, Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping, Muscle Work & Rehabilitation

With three decades worth of experience, Dr. Maria a number of different adjusting techniques for the spine and extremities, used along with a variety of soft tissue techniques. These include: massage, trigger-point therapy, active-release therapy, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, applied kinesiology, cupping, graston, gua sha and acupuncture.

Dr. Maria takes on a variety of clients. She’s treated more pregnant women and babies than most chiropractors, making her comfortable with high-risk pregnancies and infants with congenital health issues. She’s also treated sports, automobile and workers’ comp injuries.



Some people think that group classes are intimidating. Here’s the truth: When you are in a group class no one else is worried about what you are doing. They’re just working to get through their workout.

At Protege Fitness, small group classes help with…

MOTIVATION: The only person you’re competing with is yourself. Everyone is breathing hard, sweating and working through challenges. If you feel like quitting, the Protege community is there to help you realize why you showed up in the first place.

ENGAGEMENT: Small group classes with individualized attention are a much more engaging and efficient.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Where were you last week? Are you coming tomorrow? As you get to know everyone and learn more about them, your energy will be missed if you skip a workout.

It doesn’t matter if you are brand new or have been training with us for years, everyone will get a good, personalized workout in a small group class!

Learn more about our classes and schedule,

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We have a variety of 6-week challenges at Protege Fitness, like the Little Black Dress, Transformation and Charity challenges.

These challenges teach people how to be consistent. Challenges will boost your metabolism, get you out of a workout slump and build a sense of community at the gym.

During the challenge, you can come to the gym up to three times per week. And each week, the team will provide a meal plan, grocery list and success guide. Challenges are a great way to lose inches and build strength and confidence.

And transformation isn’t only on the scale. You will get rid of bloat, inflammation and inches. And you will gain glowing skin and confidence.

To find out when the next challenge starts, click here


At Protege Fitness, we thrive on our personalized approach. Not only do we have small classes, challenges and personal training, but we can also tailor our training to your lifestyle. We provide:

  • Rehabilitation/healing training
  • Pre- and post-natal fitness
  • Police and fire strength training

Want to learn more? Contact us. 

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 Last year, I did a 6-week challenge that helped me change some things I struggled with. I dropped 10 pounds and kept it off, and lost 6% more body fat.

The Little Black Dress Challenge is… an awesome opportunity to be accountable with an amazing coach and get meal plans and work outs you can do right at home. – Dawn G. on Facebook

I’ve been coming here for several months now and it just keeps getting better and better! The coaches are so helpful, knowledgeable and fun. They push you to the best of your ability. It’s such a fun atmosphere to be in and I look forward coming to the gym everyday! – Ann P. on Google

I’ve been trying different things to lose weight for 7 years now. I did the food program and trained 1-on-1 each week and lost 18 pound in 6 weeks. Barb is very down-to-earth and knowledgeable.

It really is a judgement-free gym and they are all so friendly and encouraging. I like that they have different styles too so your not always doing the same thing. Would highly recommend. – Danielle M. on Google

I couldn’t be anymore grateful than I am for Barb. When I was at my worst physically and mentally Barb took me aside and helped me. After losing 40 lbs, I’m just now starting to feel like there is hope.

The people at the gym are so incredibly supportive and non-judgmental. – Roger A. on Yelp

A great small business gym with an easy-going, unpretentious atmosphere… The trainers are first rate and know their clients capabilities and fitness goals to provide the personalized attention critical to getting results. Memberships are competitively priced and offer the flexibility to accommodate individual schedules and needs.

In addition to the physical training services, clients also learn about diet, nutrition, weight control, and mental attitude. There are also on-site massage therapy and chiropractic services that coordinate with the trainers to provide clients with rehab or health maintenance needs.

Overall, the gym is a very enjoyable place to work out… that balances fun and hard work to achieve and maintain personal health and fitness goals. – Steve T. on Google

I’ve trained at Protege through many stages of my fitness journey from pre-pregnancy, throughout pregnancy and postpartum. At every stage, the trainers provide individual modifications to help me achieve my fitness goals… Classes are small compared to what you will find at most larger gyms, which means you get more individualized attention.

I love the feeling of community Protege fosters and the amount of encouragement and positivity. Another advantage included in your membership is help with your diet/nutrition. Whether you’re looking to get started or looking to ramp up, Protege is the place for you. – Nicole B. on Google

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